aggravate in a sentence

Sentence with the word aggravate

The word aggravate annoys him, so say irritate instead?

I also get annoyed with people who seem to think that 'aggravate' and 'irritate' are synonyms.

Pope denounces condom use in Africa - in fact, he says condoms "aggravate" the problem of AIDS.

Nevertheless, the international credit crunch and the weakening of global growth will "aggravate" the slowdown of the Icelandic economy, Mr. Haarde said.

I'm going to let the use of "aggravate" in lieu of "irritate" slide, though.

The party was reacting to what it called the ANC's decision in the National Assembly's land affairs committee to "aggravate" the provisions of the Bill.

Basil's lips in spite of a vow he had just taken not to say anything that should "aggravate" his hostess, who was in a state of tension it was not difficult to detect.

"I thought 'aggravate' meant making worse than it is," said quiet little Mary Pinfall.

Debt charity, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, said the decline would "aggravate" the level of repossessions.

I'm not sure what this misinformed individual means by "aggravate" in "It doesn't aggravate the need for more electrical transmission grid."

David Best, 43, a property assessor, said both sides "aggravate" him with negative commercials but he could see that this one might hurt Mr. Paul.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, said Russia was a power to be reckoned with and that he did not expect any steps from the Brussels meeting that would "aggravate" the situation.

Looking at Google (results depend on location so YMMV), I found lots of uses of "aggravate" in its original sense, very few for "annoy" and a fair number of grammar articles explaining the difference, and taking different views on prescription.

"aggravate" them; and he does aggravate them, and is satisfied.

"aggravate" him, Harris came and walked before his door, strutting up and down like a turkey-cock, and in a way to show that it was intended to annoy Warner.

"aggravate" the fight against HIV / AIDs, is at odds with official policy in Angola.

Wherever we turn to seek for circumstances that may help to account for the events of this incredible story, we only meet with such as aggravate its improbability. [

That set me thinking and I turned to the usual research tools Wikipedia and Google to look at how this phrase and a couple of other standard items for debate ( "aggravate" and

For example, being so closely bound up with ethnicity see Chapter 9, religion has the potential to dovetail with, and aggravate, racial and ethnic tensions.

The cables have the potential to aggravate the situation further because they offer specifics on police brutality and unease about the jailing of dissidents.

Those rabbits really aggravate the carrot farmer

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