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It will be noted that the American decreases in the younger ages were not as great as in England and Wales, that they changed to _increases_ about age 45 and continued to increase in each age group thereafter, while in England and Wales the decline _occurred at all ages_.

The best book I've read in ages is Mark Gardiner's memoir, Riding Man.

Best comedy in ages is Big Bang Theory (Channel 4 and E4), which is full of nice nerd jokes and has that Johnny Galecki in it, who was in Roseanne all those years ago.

OK, the alarm going off for the first time in ages is a bit of a shock, but it was certainly nice to have the kids back to school today - especially given how much they were arguing yesterday evening.

Is it possible that one of the most radically-right governments in ages is advocating one of the biggest step towards socialism that this country has taken in generations?

I would have recognized her name ages ago if I had been prayerfully paying attention.

(The best new fantasy I've read in ages is Scott Lynch's THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA, which is finally out now in the U.S.)

And the difference in ages is not necessarily irrelevant to what I'm going to say.

Though calling Obama unqualified for a job that Bush handled with ineptitude for the ages is a bit strong.

I rode my bicycle to work for the first time in ages, which is also something I should do more regularly but I always manage to find an excuse not to.

Man I haven't seen that cunt for ages." "...It happened ages ago." "I was waiting out the front of his house for ages.

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