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The other main characters are FBI agent Brad Wolgast, death row inmate Anthony Carter and young African nun Lacey in the near future thread, while in the main part, young "watchers" - ie militiamen/women of the colony that protect it from the "virals" aka ageless and seemingly non-sentient, instinct driven, "pseudo-vampires" that populate most of North America now - Peter Jaxon, Alicia Donadio and Peter's older brother Theo.

I remain convinced that I am ageless, which is probably one of the seven warning signs of a delusion for which there is an acronym.

Also love that FWAD has many 'ageless' readers like moi - the number (age) really is secondary to the spirit.

Also love that FWAD has many 'ageless' readers like moi - the number age really is secondary to the spirit.

Would you like to know more about becoming the "ageless" golfer?

Certainly he has not gotten his due – but his willingness to put himself out there has steeped Mr. Stamp in a kind of ageless cool.

But she had the kind of ageless spirit in her that Salome may have had, that makes experience and maturity more luring and much deadlier than youth, because more interesting and alert with calculated guile.

A hard and glittering sanity, a kind of ageless enamel, is what confronts us in their temperament.

This narrative and the accompanying lessons in how to be "ageless" are self-defeating.

"He's a guy that's kind of ageless and he's still got a lot left in the tank."

You know … I'm kind of ageless in my dreams … neither old nor young, just … me.

Cinco, Rice and Benson, and the "ageless" Ray Lewis.

The point is, are any of these "ageless" wonders in touch with reality and the current state of affairs.

Mike: congrats this gr8 "ageless" blog piece and on your M$ success!

She keeps claiming she's "ageless" but she looks pretty well-worn to me.

He has a lot of miles on him, but still plays "ageless" at times.

The face of Slumdog Millionaire in India, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor can be described as 'ageless'.

Hatsworth may don a cute look, a strange concept, and an "ageless" visual style, but it's pure fun.

Dr. Tess Mauricio from Scripps Ranch Dermatology shares ways to achieve an "ageless" look this holiday season.

What he did afterwards, with Tarver, Winky Wright, and Pavlik, and in losing a competitive contest with another modern great in Joe Calzaghe, cemented Hopkins in a pantheon of the ageless which is pretty much Archie Moore and George Foreman before him.

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