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Australian Treasurer Peter Costello said on December 19th, 2003, We must start confronting what we call the ageing of our population.

But in Kirkwood's theory, ageing is not pre-programmed because the genes that repair cells can be modified.

Healthy Aging: By the word ageing we generally think of an unpleasant process associated with dysfunction and disability.

Let us clearly and definitely understand and appreciate without any ambiguity that the meaning of the word ageing is not merely becoming old but also developing and maturing.

The wise men, vulnerable in ageing plaster, are borne as gifts to be set down among other treasures in their familial strangeness, mystery’s toys.

Mr Nishimura blames the prolonged slump on ageing, which is furthest advanced in Japan, but is also occurring in many of the world's biggest economies.

Amudhan has hit the bull's eye by casting these aging actors in these roles (just recall our ageing comedians who act as students).

It also made him think about ageing, which is unusual at 20.

He details the minute interior deaths within the body (ageing, that is), cellular misreadings, dramatising them as the heroic and dastardly doings of goodies and baddies, citing Saving Private Ryan and The Great Escape.

Accenture Research Accenture Research The population in the US is ageing, which is illustrated by the fact that people aged 65 and above are projected to represent 16% of the US population by 2020, compared to 12% in 2000 US Overview: Demographics The expected development of the age structure in the US, 2000-2020 Age structure (2000) Age structure (2020) Population aged 65 and over: 12% Population aged 65 and over: 16% People '000 People' 000 60,000 60,000

Well-being – Design can make an important contribution to the redefinition and delivery of social services by addressing acute problems such as ageing, youth crime, housing and health.

At the start of the academic year I asked my new undergrad students to choose a term from a grid I presented on the screen - terms such as 'ageing', 'poverty', 'ethics', and 'disability' - and consider how their own disciplines were affected, or could affect, that particular area.

The new research published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that smoking is likely to speed up a condition known as sarcopenia – the loss of muscle mass with ageing which is linked to poor balance, gait speed, falls, and fractures.

The method, however, enables the brickmaker to make use of certain kinds of clay-rock, or shale, that would be impracticable for plastic bricks; and the weathering, tempering and "ageing" may be largely or entirely dispensed with.

The researchers suggest that reductions in nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen leaching over time were due to "ageing" of the biochars in soil.

England manager calls time on 'ageing' Beckham Citizen.

"Employees with other caring responsibilities, such as ageing or sick parents and partners, will increasingly expect the same sort of work-life balance opportunities as working parents," he said.

Among the mourners today was Teresa Winkler, 76, who came to honour a president "who took care of the people forgotten by society", such as ageing Second World War soldiers and forgotten Solidarity activists.

HDBaseT - new standard to replace 'ageing' HDMI home A/V interface

And then there are the mundane tasks such as "ageing" newly bought clothes.

The guyage took his dogage for a long walk on the beachage, now that's classic ageing.The striker pulled a trickage around his opponentage and the crowd screamed SKILLAGE, that is premium ageing of words.

Turning soccer ball into soccer ballage is a prime example of ageing. Skillage, humdingage, goldage, fanage are all normal words that have had age added, we call that ageing a word.

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