age-old in a sentence

Sentence with the word age-old

One international agency has implemented an age-old idea to empower people in new ways.

Seated next to the Russian diplomat at a press conference in Moscow Friday, Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara responded icily: "The Northern Territories are age-old Japanese territory."

In general, it's fine to fall back on the age-old trick of wearing black to look taller and slimmer, says image consultant Carol Davidson of New York City, but going all black can make a dull impression and rob the face of color.

An urgent problem requires more than age-old solutions.

It is even implicit in the age-old teachings espoused in nearly identical language by Confucius, Jesus, and Rabbi Hillel: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

The age-old basketball mantra is, "You can't teach size."

I highly recommend this novel to epic fantasy readers looking for something new and unusual, sword and sorcery readers who love a good fight scene, fans of character driven fantasy, and anyone look for a fresh and innovative take on an age-old narrative.

Man-made climate change, nuclear power and food waste are environmental problems which don't break down into the age-old two-party structure.

In an age-old government shell game, tax increases are projected to cause big revenue gains, which governments rush to spend.

More The Morning Line: Early Oscar Contenders The Art House vs. the Multiplex: Three That Walk the Line Limits also have been placed on campaigning—the age-old process where studios throw lavish parties and work the media in an attempt to gin up buzz for their nominees—during the period after the nominees are announced in late January.

And it was the age-old story of elites trying to cram their vision of pure society (in this case, a racist, racially pure society) into a bunch of common folk who were much more decent and pragmatic than the elites.

This legislation seeks to prevent that age-old practice of denial based upon pre-existing conditions ever bening litigated, becasue legislation is prospective.

Even though the majority disagrees, they would impose the will of the minority so that we as a nation would be forced to utterly change our age-old definitions of what marriage should be, apart from the convincing of the people.

Its the age-old story, the empty wagon makes the most noise, and there is no more of an empty wagon than any one of these remnant [R] ightwingers that post on here with their panties in a bunch because America woke up and threw them out of power.

So a lot of us are standing in front of refrigerators or pantries these days asking the age-old question: Should I toss it or eat it?

The age-old game of chess trains young minds to be agile and rigorous.

There's every indication that despite a solution to the age-old scientific problem, the popular phrase is here to stay.

I'm also starting to do some limited advertising, so the tracking will be critical in resolving the age-old advertiser's dilemma: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

You could try the age-old method: bellying up to the bar at the local watering hole.

It is an integrative approach to an age-old question.

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