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People may differ in other respects as to the designation by which the age should be characterized; but we believe all will agree that it is a _tax-hating age_.

At twenty-one they attain the age of majority, when they are said to be _of age_.

But the same term is here applied to objects of the same kind, differing not essentially even in age; we say _age_, inasmuch as in the three great divisions, or periods, of human life, namely, childhood, youth, and maturity, the characteristic conditions of each are so

II. iv.49 (185,2) [old age] The _old age_ is the _ages past_, the times of simplicity.

When they are dead, thou'lt live from age to age*.

SET @age = DATEDIFF (CURDATE (), bd); #age in days

_Mademoiselle_ -- as Miss O'Faley was called, in honour of her French parentage and education, and in commemoration of her having at different periods spent above half her life in France, looking for an estate that could never he found -- Mademoiselle was dressed in all the peculiarities of the French dress of that day; she was of that indefinable age, which the French describe by the happy phrase of "une femme _d'un certain age_," and which Miss O'Faley happily translated, "a woman of _no particular age_."

$sql = "UPDATE contacts SET name = '$name', email = '$email', age = '$age', birthday = '$birthday', address = '$address', number = '$number' WHERE id2 = $id2";

$sql = "UPDATE contacts SET name = '$name', email = '$email', age = '$age', birthday = '$birthday', address = '$address', number = '$number', uploadedfile = '$uploadedfile' WHERE id2 = $id2";

$c-authenticate ({username = 'myusername', password = 'mypassword'}); my $age = $c-user-get ( 'age');

ComVisibleAttribute (True)> _ Public Class Person Public Sub New (ByVal firstName As String, ByVal age As Integer) Me. _firstName = firstName Me. _lastName = lastName Me. _age = age End Sub Private _firstName As

2 Saturnine B---- n, the author of 'the stage,' a Poem, on hearing the day after her marriage with the banker, a conversation relative to her age, said he was sure the party were all in error, as there could be no doubt the lady was on the previous night _under age_.

When I was little being any age with TWENTY attached seemed so so so so old so grown up and I suppose in a lot of ways I have all of the responsibility I thought I’d have at this age but I still don’t feel a lot older.

I say that your prince has knowledge of some secret, accursed drug that can call back youth or make actual age -- _age_, do you understand -- just as we of Yaque bring both flowers and fruit to swift maturity! "

"At my age (for it is of no use, nephew, for us to deny our years when any Peerage guide must reveal them pretty closely to the curious), and I am this month passing sixty-nine, at my _age_ the charge of two high-spirited young Females, in whom conventional education has failed to subdue Aspirations for worldly happiness whilst it has left them somewhat inexperienced in the Conventions of Society, I find a _little trying_.

There is (1.) _The age of popular and unconscious morality_; (2.) _The transitional, skeptical, or sophistical age_; and (3.) _The philosophic or conscious age of morality_. [

III. ii.26 (242,6) the very age and body of the time, his form and pressure] The _age_ of the _time_ can hardly pass.

His siblings, who ranged in age from a year old to 10 years old, were taken to Staten Island University Hospital North where all but one was listed in stable condition, police said.

And, just to pre-empt any attempt to say marriages could be expanded to allow for the union of children to adults, a child under a certain age is not a full legal entity as defined by the law.

Senator McCain age is not important, it shouldn't be.

Kippage, drinkage, chatage, swimage etc etc

I'm 15 and you're 18 but we make the perfect pair.. Who cares about our age?

I was maintainin' at my crib-age, ock.

age for Sakaki boobies!

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