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It delivered me to this unknown rock, where trees meet on hill-tops to tangle dark branches under fog shot with dankness and blight, and I am always welcome because I am the only one — and the funny birds who tell no jokes, and the giant bile-squirting flowers, and the delirious prancing monkeys, and I have nothing in particular to say, and I say it again and again

“Sitting again awn the lap of God.” *muffled sound ov purrson traing nawt to crai again*

Right now I'm listening to "Strawberry Gashes" and being once again stunned that Ryan doesn't see this as a happy song ... it's so pretty and it leaves my blood racing and my entire body trembling with the need to touch him. * shrugs again*

After a while, she caught the blur for a moment again, lost it again .

“I had a feeling … And when you saw him again, after twenty years, all the old jealousy built up again … ”

And the third thing was that Gibreel Farishta opened his eyes to find himself collapsed, once again, on Alleluia Cone's doorstep, begging her forgiveness, weeping _O God, it happened, it really happened again_.

It was a terrible strain on me to keep her at school, ma'am, and again and _again_ I've thought I couldn't stand it, what with her being in the shop only in the afternoon, and the washing, and trying to keep her clothes always nice; though she's been as good as

But would Age be young again merely _to grow old again_?

And again I sunk into visions of Ligeia -- and again (what marvel that I shudder while I write?), _again_ there reached my ears a low sob from the region of the ebony bed.

Down the line galloped Mr. Grundy again, stopped, bowed, "swung with the left," and _bowed again_.

Of this interesting passage in his life we find again an account in _Colin Clout's come home again_.

Hindu-Kush and back again; in Egypt one sees most plainly how the Semitic, or the family which inclines towards Semitism, migrated frequently from the Mediterranean and the Euphrates to the Red Sea and _back again_.

_Old McB. _ (_catching her in his arms, and kissing her again and again_)

I can't believe HP would try this again, unless MS are leaning on them * again*, or they've given them some serious assurances.

~*SK*~ nv thought i would get to see you update again but ya know … i juz cant stop myself frm coming back to check out this site again and again~~ anyway, ya … i really cant understand what YG, SBS …. are thinking.

* yawn* Just woke up, finally feel like I've caught back up on sleep and am more or less ready to fall behind again tonight. * yawns again* Mostly less, but hey.

Then again, I've a bottle of Absinthe, a tiny bottle of Green Dragon, and far too much medication. * blinks* I suspect that tonight might be pleasurable ... although actually, I might do better to wait until the weekend. * blinks again* Dude, what the fuck is this responsibility doing here?

writer's block round& round this empty block again& again i go double, triple lost each awful keystroke a doppelganger sabotage twice meeting itself this nauseous elliptical process of so little unfolding consequence anticipation wearing too tight shoes cigarettes and coffee smirking in the background hemingway& faulkner offering whiskey still the unsolved crime:

He struck, for me, exactly the right note on the TARP question** -- we pumped money into the financial sector to keep it from collapsing, and we succeeded; the banks and firms are making money again, and that's good, because they can lend again***; now that we've stepped back from the brink, it's time to get serious about regulation so this shit doesn't happen again!

a cute ', _quick in action; sharp_. charg'es, _rushes forward_. gram'p us, _a kind of fish_. re sumed', _started again; took up again_. hid'e ous, _horrid to look at_. de struc'tion, _death; entire loss_. re sist ', _stand against_. des'per ate, _without hope or care_. ex cur'sions, _journeys; rambles_.

Again and again and again and again...

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