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And so it was really a technology transfer in ag science from the earliest of days.

Dr. Kondonassis believed that productivity increases in ag would do more for a poor country than trying to build factories because most people work in ag in poor countries (about 80%) and their productivity is so low.

Just one example is former La Plata County Commissioner J. Paul Brown, who is running for the Legislature on a platform of cutting federal spending, after taking over $175,000 in ag subsidies for his ranching operation in Southwestern Colorado.

But you are correct that the priorities are usually warped in ag policy.

What's my word ag'in 'the word o' P.J. Madden -- an 'no other evidence to show?

Caitheamar an deireadh seachtaine siar i nGaillimh, mise ag freastal ar T�stal na Gaeilge agus � F�in ag baint taitneamh ar an aimsir �lainn le Garman.

So 'n strategie moet al die feite in ag neem waardeur landelike gemeenskappe so kwesbaar gemaak word.

Anybody that said a word ag'in 'her to him would have gone to the hospital.

I won't say a word ag'in, even if I do think he treated ye dirthy.

Anyway, it was to raise the money to pay for our present, as far as it went -- and I want to tell you right now, Val, that you was sure the queen of the ball; everybody said you looked jest like a queen in a picture, and I never heard a word ag'inst your low-neck dress.

"Ary man who says a word ag'in 'the Great Father is goin' to git mussed up."

But he shook his head, an 'said the word ag'in, an' a queer look -- as if she was scairt an 'pleased -- flashed over Lyddy Ann's face.

He's as good as gold hisself; that's where the girl gets it; not sayin 'a word ag'in Mrs. Porter; she don't understand, that's all.

The shamans can not explain the meaning of the term, which plainly contains the word agĕ´‘ya, “woman,” and may refer to the moon’s supposed influence over women.

Jim, just wanted to make absolutely sure I understand your comments about the longer-term ag and turf incremental margin performance.

Man being introduced to teenager: So, what was your name ag ...

Ek sal verduidelik dat die wat so regs om gekom het, het so min ag geslaan op die pistool se skote, dat hulle kom agter die muur uit en dat met sy regterhand dan gooi hulle daardie klippe en dan skiet ek 'n sarsie hier voor hulle verby, dit het die effek gehad dat hulle' n bietjie teruggeval het en die direk voor ons het ek voor my in die grond geskiet met die masjiengeweer op daardie stadium.

Of those people there are 15 in ag. extension and agribusiness and 16 in the natural resources and environmental education group.

Every decent man on the range would take his word ag'in '-- well, ag'in' the Bible, for that matter. "

He jest can't stand a word ag'in 'thet Buster Jack. "

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