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But, as a rule, if she did or said the wrong thing, she became painfully conscious of the fact immediately afterwards -- indeed, it was generally _afterwards_ that she grasped the full meaning of most things.

Hence S. Augustine [143]: "When He says the former is _to be sought first_ (namely the kingdom of God), He means that the latter (namely temporal good things) are to be sought afterwards; not _afterwards_ in point of time, but _afterwards_ in point of importance; the former as our good, the latter as our need."

Perola was afterwards obliged by his father to pay his homage to Hannibal; but as he bad imbibed the fentimcnts of Magius, he afterwards* formed a defign to ftab the Carthaginian general at an entertainment.

It is not unlikely that, in that day, lands so brought into cultivation were designated as "terre Flandrenses," and the term afterwards anglicised into

Christopher himself ever took up the title, and what became of the title afterwards?

Well had his troops earned the title afterwards given them at Pekin, of the Ever-Victorious Army.

TM: For you, does the concept come first, and the title afterwards?

Either way, picture the vignettes described by each mnemonic as vividly as you can for at least five seconds, making sure to translate back and forth between the image and the word afterwards.

She was in what he called afterwards "a regular state."

He hated to lose his grip of himself, for then he knew he should have to grow stern and terrifying, and rule these young imps in the forms in front of him by what he called afterwards, in his moments of self-loathing, "sheer brute force," and that he always counted a defeat.

Fifty Years Since, '' a title afterwards altered to ` ` 'Tis Sixty Years

Sea; 'a title afterwards changed to' General of the Fleet. '

There was no knowing what would remain afterwards of hers for Harriet.

As we reviewed the results of our hearing and the supplemental information that flowed in afterwards, our concerns rose.

Yes, it all fitted (except the picks which I tucked in afterwards)!

And then I have to redo all my favourites again afterwards … I am getting very sick of this!

History pedant corner: the para afterwards is not really correct:

To have to also put up with such meanspiritedness afterwards is just rubbing it in.

Just read the review, and believe it if you dare (will you ever wear one of those £x,000 off-the-shoulder numbers again afterwards?).

What remains with the reader afterwards is the Austen-esque plausibility that life is fundamentally all right and worth living, even if, or especially if, it is simple and quiet and good.

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