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Sentence with the word afterward

As before, he didn’t say a word afterward regarding the incident, but it shook me.

What happens afterward is a testament to the power of a woman's love and determination, and to the invisible line of hope and healing that connects one human being with another.

Separating the emotion during the see-saw extra-inning game and the euphoria afterward from the next task at hand was as much a challenge for the Twins as fatigue.

One feature of the iPad left unmentioned in the on-stage presentation but confirmed by Apple officials during the demo sessions afterward is that the iPad works not only with the $70 Apple keyboard dock but with Bluetooth keyboards as well.

Varsky returns to Santiago, and not long afterward is kidnapped by Pinochet's secret police and never heard from again.

"We can either do something now, or come in afterward when there is a terrible mess to clean up."

The only thing he doesn't mention is that when the Repubs have satisfied themselves, the Dems jump right in afterward for sloppy seconds ....

Ignoring this, the first instinct is to naturally throw the baby in afterward without touching the water.

Her handler, Jack, came in afterward, his prominent jaw working overtime on his ever-present piece of gum.

Now I don't think the Bush tax cuts are the cause of our current economic problems (the misdevelopment of our financial system, which began long before 2001 although it took its wildest form afterward, is the main culprit).

I have been saying for some time that we will have our recalcitrant Illinois Senator Roland Burris representing himself… er, I mean us… at least until 2010 and quite probably during the upcoming primaries for those seeking a full term afterward, as well.

The large tax cut that Bush pursued and won on an almost party-line vote just afterward is a model of this confrontational style.

But the notion that it “changed the world” uttered so frequently during the days and weeks afterward is I think historically suspect.

It may seem a pretentious thing to say, but her performances are so intense, so deeply there that you feel like clapping afterward is cheap and tawdry.

My sublime CFS experience was/is the Broken Spoke (and dancing it off afterward is a bonus).

COOPER: It's the expression afterward that's so good.

Even if they do survive, their ability to function as a human afterward is highly unlikely.

He didn't say a word afterward, but only sipped at his tea and looked at me.

This tract was termed _Acadia_, a name afterward confined to

It had now become a not uncommon thing for boys at the large schools to act in regular dramatic fashion, at first in Latin, afterward in English translation, some of the plays of the Latin comedians which had long formed a part of the school curriculum.

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