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I carry about no afterglow from the 1990s — they only look good compared to the 80s and the 00s which both stunk putrid economically for workers.

How much of this reflects a bullish stock market's afterglow is up for debate, but investors are kicking off the new quarter with little trepidation.

As those campus communities enjoy the afterglow from the weekend and a wealth of attention leading to the regional semifinals that begin

Still basking in the afterglow from a short trip out to San Diego to visit good friends Ed and Jen, I hunted up an email from Ed from last summer.

The first and most well-established data point comes from the cosmic microwave background CMB, the so-called afterglow of the big bang.

This time is called the afterglow and is still a great time to shoot some low-light shots.

Such an event is thought by some scientists to be the cause of one type of gamma-ray burst, but the only radio emission seen so far from these has been from the long-lived "afterglow" that follows the original burst.

More interestingly though, I find my orgasms last longer than my partners...and not just the actual climax but the "afterglow" can go on for 20 - 25 minutes.

The "afterglow" effect is very real and is a bane to customers of self-help seminars and the like a boon to business.

Interminable seemed his lonely vigil in Miss Lumley's drawing-room, where the character of the original proprietress came out to him more than ever before in a kind of afterglow of old sociabilities, a vulgar, ghostly reference.

An "afterglow" dessert will follow in Faulman Hall.

The party has benefited in the rest of the country from the "afterglow" of U.S.

The initial burst is usually followed by a longer-lived "afterglow" emitting at longer wavelengths (X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, and radio).

But I don't have to live with that idea, and I think that idea posted in the comments above, about the "afterglow" of a person that lives on, is a perfect way of putting it.

Please also consider coming to the Project Grow Harvest Hootenanny "afterglow" on Saturday.

..that shayner bikechicksa is a bit mishegoss for taking her segal into her bed but that 'afterglow' kvell says "oy, that was good for us both"...& i'll bet she went all vilda chaya over that fat down tube...

her hair and facial expression have a definite "afterglow"/just rolled out of the sack post-roll-in-the-hay air about them, don't they?

"afterglow" of the Big Bang - still pervades our universe and contains encoded information about its composition and characteristics.

The original Ashes to Ashes worked for a number of reasons: good casting (enjoying the afterglow of State of Play, which starred Simm and featured Glenister); a genuine nostalgia for that grotty, gritty Britain of the 1970s and its crime dramas; and the ability to produce eight-episode seasons.

When a colleague asked for a quick explanation of President Barack Obama's recently-improving job-approval ratings, I offered that in addition to the legislative successes of December and perhaps the afterglow of Obama's speech in Tucson, Americans were feeling a little better about the economy, thinking of a handful of results I cited last week.

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