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In this episode, three sisters one of which is criminally insane create trouble after the victims body is shown to have been mutilated *after*

Fuckem. marz hey did yall see the last easter egg after the credits..after the one with stryker getting arrested..after showing him in the japanese bar..and after the one where deadpool grabs his own head..they showed the the final easter egg: the actual movie COMPLETED!

So, ASC, being a profit-motivated organization and not, in reality, violating any laws after all, military-grade hardware was added *after* the airframes arrived on Hera, continued to sell Fireflies to our friends at the FFSW on Hera right up until the plant was destroyed in the war.

People often forget that a language area, even after fracturing into mutually incomprehensible or almost incomprehensible dialects, can still disseminate new features developed *after* the dissolution of the language.

The unanimous decision by the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy comes two weeks after three women sued Wal-Mart in state court for failing to carry the so called ` ` morning after' 'pill in its Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores in the state.

You see, Volso refused point-blank to give his porter the day off today, and the porter is adamant his master left the house shortly after dawn and did not come back until _after _the boy had been shot.

The monarch, ordinarily, dined at the Tower on the day after the creation of the Knights of the Bath; and devoted the greater part of the day, _after_ dinner, to this prolonged exhibition of himself to the people.

And so, since the menstrual flow ceases after about five days from its beginning, in about ten days _after_ its stopping, the ovum will have passed out of the womb, and hence that organ contains nothing that is impregnable.

He would soon learn after looking things over that all our tracks were made _after_ those of the man, when we left the camp.

Thus: -- quīnque post diēbus quam Lūcā discesserat, ad Sardiniam vēnit _five days after he had departed from Luca he came to Sardinia_; postquam occupātae Syrācūsae erant, profectus est Carthāginem, _after

The night you'd been here, after you'd gone home, _after you were locked in your room_, you disputed about this place!

Act, after WILLIAM puts out table lamp, _after_ MISS EASTWOOD'S

If they were right in taking action, _almost a year after the offence_, were they not guilty of _culpable neglect_ in paying no attention to it for ten months, or until _after_ they had been criticised by Mr. Caldwell?

I've slept, to be sure, in lots of places, on the steps, and in barrels, and I ain't no ways discomflusticated; but then, you see, after a fellow has slept on a bed for a spell, why, he has a kind of a hankering _after_ a bed to sleep on some more.

Jefferson sought, shortly after the treaty of peace, to prohibit slavery extension, and to this end he prepared and reported an Ordinance (1784) prohibiting slavery _after the year 1800_ in all the territory then belonging to the United States above the parallel of 31° North latitude, which included what became the principal parts of the slave States of Alabama and Mississippi, all of Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as the whole Northwest

And Mrs. Brooks, she wants you to call again the day after _the day after_ to-morrow.

Now observe that, however we may explain the fact, this is the fact to be explained, that there is a whole section, this closing one, devoted to the celebration of His work after His death and burial, and, still more remarkable, that the prophecy says nothing about His activity on the world till _after_ death.

The more so, as there was no one to suggest that it might happen; no one to watch them or warn them, or waken them with worldly-minded hints; or else to rise up, after the fashion of so many wise parents and guardians and well-intentioned friends, and indignantly shut the stable door _after_ the steed is stolen.

According to the current style of speaking, "after eight days" means _the eighth day after_.

Surely, therefore, Van Dale needed not to have pressed his victory over the helpless fathers so unrelentingly, and after the first ten pages by cases and proofs that are quite needless and _ex abundanti_; simply the survival of any one distinguished Oracle upwards of four centuries _after_ Christ -- that is sufficient.

I'll tell u AFTER u told me something else.> that means, u gotta tell it right after that other person told u!

Richard: "Damn, John, you look so after." John: "I feel after...anyway hand me a beer.

In spite of many years spent living in New York City, Hans (ever polite) still approached the word "after" with trepedation, still connecting it with both his mother tongue, and his nether regions.

I told my friend to read After over the week and she came up to me on Monday and said to me "Jesus Christ, bless the author of this book, for she needs Jesus

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