afraid in a sentence

Sentence with the word afraid

Well if Hope/Change/Hope/Change is a broken record what the heck is * be afraid, be very afraid*?

"Captain, we have had hard times of it out there, but _don't be afraid, don't be afraid_."

Let him go, and he will walk the streets with a swagger, and boast that you were afraid to touch him -- _afraid_, gentlemen -- and children and women will point after him as the man who has sent nine others into eternity, and who yet walks the streets a free man.

And I'm afraid of what'll come to the child without me; I'm _afraid_, Mr. Peter.

"I'll tell you something I want you to do and you're afraid to do it -- you're _afraid_."

"I'm afraid -- I'm _afraid_ we couldn't allow you to be a mere figurehead."

"I'm afraid, my dear Mirliflor," said Queen Selina, "I'm _afraid_ you can't see her before you go."

Mr. Ashburn, if you can't say anything more than this -- anything, you understand, which puts you in a position to treat with us, I'm afraid -- I'm _afraid_ I must ask time to think over this.

_ -- Do not be afraid to think of it; on the contrary, do think of it, but to say to it, "I am not _afraid_ of you."

On the threshold he lingers -- he seems afraid -- _afraid_ to approach.

I'm afraid, Will -- I'm _afraid_ she will have to go! "

I do not know if I was what you call afraid; but my heart beat like a bird's, both quick and little; and there was a dimness came before my eyes which I continually rubbed away, and which continually returned.

That era, I am afraid, is far gone, and we are left wih these lunatics on the far right who rather live i nt he 19th century instaed of the 21st century.

The only mounted weapon you should be afraid, is the grenade launcher.

If we all remain afraid and don't talk about our struggles, none of us might ever have the strength to keep going forward; believing one is alone in making mistakes is crippling. mommygeekology Said,

Is the poor little Palin afraid of a little exposure?

What he's afraid is that my girl Palin will come back bigger and stronger than ever.

What is Palin afraid of by not allowing the media in to hear her speak?

What I'm afraid is going to happen is that there will be some black people and others who will not tolerate this blatant disrespect and will issue out some levels of ignorance of their very own.

Demonizing people for being concerned and afraid is NOT going to change public perception.

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    • anxious, alarmed, fearful, timorous, timid
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    • I'm afraid, afraid to, they're afraid, elevator's afraid, were afraid
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    • aware, ashamed, anxious, glad, sick
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