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The idea that countries want for ways to vindicate these affronts is trulynovel.

The very mention of his name affronts the brave Wardanenses to the last extent, making them savage as Oxford bargees.

Thence into the galleries to talk with my Lord Sandwich; among other things, about the Prince's writing up to tell us of the danger he and his fleete lie in at Portsmouth, of receiving affronts from the Dutch; which, my Lord said, he would never have done, had he lain there with one ship alone: nor is there any great reason for it, because of the sands.

The company has faced a handful of suits in Brazilian labor tribunals for moral harassment, defined as affronts to employees 'dignity.

Strong philosophies would respond to these "affronts" with minimal, if any, concern.

Secondly, OHSU which affronts most of SW Moody in the north portion of SoWhat wants to relocate the already improved SW Moody to the west to give their "campus" an additional 100 ft of land for over 1200 lineal ft.

Shrill anti-statists on Fox News and elsewhere, who see Executive Branch "czars" as affronts to the U.S. Constitution, are now perfectly content to turn over the country to a "Supreme Soviet," literally a "Super Committee," to dictate national priorities.

The standard operating procedure has historically been for Republicans to provide adult supervision through the governor's office, sending extravagant spending items or cockamamie affronts to freedom back to the Democratic-controlled legislature.

The prime minister doesn't spend his time combing the media for affronts, defense lawyers say.

However, when it comes to such blatant affronts to international legal norms as those exemplified by Netanyahu's May 20 speech, it is time to draw the line.

But the process is a cleansing, purging and reckoning, where the places below left barren, the hollow affronts, internal, they warm and then dissolve, a natural healing deserved for looking out on the world and, without hesitation, acknowledging it is no longer yours.

These inconveniences at best and affronts to dignity at worst make corruption a rallying cry.

Instead you have a group that seems to view its changing sense of cultural awareness (Cinco de Mayo is only observed in a small region of Mexico) as sacrosanct and any number of actions (or inactions) represent affronts to that heritage and, in some minds, deserve violent response.

Such affronts are why I never try to be objective or argue in good faith.

The European Court of Human Rights unanimously denounced the proscriptions as affronts to the right of freedom of assembly and of association.

As a result we are apt to look on linguistic changes – including new words – as personal affronts.

We make snarky demands for Sarah Palin, or Barack Obama, or Hip Hop or the writers of Sex and the City 2 to say sorry for their alleged affronts to womankind.

These groups were the lead actors in the D.C. dramas that killed consumer protections that could have prevented the banking crisis, the Gulf oil spill, tax breaks for millionaires, and countless other affronts against America's middle class.

Calculated affronts to the regime appeared across Iranian life.

I won't delineate your other ridiculous affronts to rationality -- mostly because you're so darned entertaining -- but don't distract from the entertainment value by painting "make believe" as "fringe science."

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  • Synonym for "affronts"
    • abuse, slight, offend, pique, illtreat
  • Verb Forms for "affronts"
    • affronted, affronting, affronts
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    • Hunt, Lunt, blunt, brunt, bunt
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    • bruise, hurt, offend, spite, injure
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    • indignity, provocation, outrage, calumny, insult
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