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Sentence with the word affordable

"The fact that we have the phrase affordable homes is a terrible indictment," he says - it shows most homes are unaffordable.

We are going to hear the term affordable healthcare bantered around a lot.

Affordable housing, giving loans to people that could not make the payments. $100,000 to $500,000 go beyond what I call affordable housing.

And making homes affordable is vital for most Americans who need home equity to supplement their meager 401 (k) balances.

Making quality health care more universal and affordable is the best argument and it is an argument that resonates especially well during hard economic times, when few people feel secure.

Every Rolf wheel, from the most expensive to the most affordable, is laced by hand in Eugene, Oregon.

Our system would require substantial funding and investments in affordable housing and mainstream service systems.

What specifically is meant by "substantial funding and investments in affordable housing and mainstream service systems", and is the council ready to act?

Mr. Fish: you state "Unfortunately, the federal government has not invested in affordable housing for a long time".

If you can do carbon capture and storage with gas, then it can be a long term affordable source of green electricity, says Smith.

We need CHOICES in affordable healthcare, not the Insurance Companies raising our rates and denying our benefits we paid for.

The only system that can work and be affordable is a single payer system.

But somehow we can not figuer out how to help 40 to 50 million of our own citizens obtain affordable health care.

It does nothing to help us obtain affordable prescriptions.

It does nothing to help us obtain affordable insurance.

Like the HELP bill, the House plan establishes a “new national health Exchange” to enroll Americans in affordable coverage, gives Americans the choice to enroll in a new public health insurance options, prohibits private insurers from excluding Americans with pre-existing conditions from coverage and offers sliding scale “affordability” credits to help middle class families afford health insurance.

Health reform that fails to make insurance more affordable is at best an incremental improvement.

Allowing un-insured people to obtain affordable health insurance may actually reduce our costs.

Making home affordable is giving borrowers the runaround the same as these banks.

One man's affordable is another man's road to ruin.

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