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Another sufferer is "desahuiciado with lamparones y empeines," severe skin afflictions, but he, too, is cured after the holy soil is rubbed on him, as is another man who is suffering from "one hundred and ten sores."

And the most uncouth of our afflictions is to despise our being.

I call my afflictions light ones and am embarrassed to include them on a page that speaks of the four girls who perished in a Sunday-school classroom.

One great comfort, however, under all afflictions, is that 'The French

Christ was destined to endure certain afflictions in this figurative body, as well as in His literal; these were "that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ," which

Faith gives strength to prayer, the great instrument against the foe (Jas 1: 6, &c.). knowing, &c. -- "encouragement not to faint in afflictions": your brethren suffer the same; nothing beyond the common lot of Christians befalls you (1Co 10: 13).

The economy is flirting with recession, the debt crisis has threatened to move beyond Greece and banks are looking increasingly fragile - and that's on top of the some of the longer term afflictions such as an aging population.

Note, Those who have been sharers with each other in afflictions and mercies, dangers and deliverances, ought in consideration thereof to unite for their joint and mutual safety and protection; and it is likely to be well with the church when Ephraim and Judah are one against the Philistines.

Note, The intention of afflictions is to teach us righteousness; and blessed is the man whom God chastens, and thus teaches, Ps. xciv.

The best way to bear afflictions is to look to the end of them; and the pity of God is such that he will not delay the bringing of them to an end when his purposes are once answered; and the tender mercy of God is such that he will make his people an abundant amends for all their sufferings and afflictions.

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