afflict in a sentence

Sentence with the word afflict

That he will not afflict, that is, that he will not afflict willingly; it is no pleasure to him to grieve the children of men, much less his own children.

Sundry marplots, such as afflict all public bodies did, indeed, start to their feet, but a universal cry of ` ` question '' drowned all their efforts, and Mr. Raymond's motion was carried, to all appearance unanimously.

It took place in the bed-room, where, as usual save on Sunday morning, Ada consumed her strong tea and heavily buttered toast; the state of her health -- she had frequent ailments, more or less genuine, such as afflict the indolent and brainless type of woman -- made it necessary for her to repose till a late hour.

'afflict' Rose, but let her choose, and if I'm not entirely mistaken, she will like my rig best.

At the same time, it meant “to afflict” or “to trouble.”

Social relations in America may be eased by the fact that most Americans find God more likely to comfort than to afflict.

As the chart above shows, federal government spending is not subject to the wild swings that afflict investment, so it helps to stabilize GDP and jobs--if it is big enough.

Restless legs syndrome is thought to afflict millions, though there's argument about just how many.

The need for new medicines to treat these diseases -- more than half of which afflict children -- is great.

The endless Seattle cycle of "wait for new input and never commit" is the problem; plus a curious tunnel-o-phobia that doesn't afflict most of the rest of the world.

As the World Bank has noted, New Delhi has a higher per capita availability of water than Paris yet the latter has none of the chronic water shortages that afflict the Indian capital.

As a result, he suffered brain and eye damage, which continue to afflict him, the complaint said.

There are still a lot of diseases that afflict the poor much more often than they afflict the middle and upper classes, for example.

But apart from this therapeutic function, I believe this law will bring only difficulties, including those that will afflict the Armenian community itself.

The fear can afflict people who must fly frequently, taking the form not of a full-blown phobia but as severe anxiety.

Much of this particular election cycle has been spent bashing the government worker, blaming civil servants for everything from budget calamities to impending Greece-like insolvency which will afflict our kids in a not-so-distant future.

Still, it makes sense to keep dogs as well as cats trim not only because of diabetes, but a host of additional issues likely to afflict them when they're overweight, including heart problems, cancers and joint problems.

But other ailments afflict Chelsea: the power and pace with which they used to pummel all-comers have dwindled to the point that their vulnerability emboldens opponents.

These problems will even more deeply afflict the other industries that depend on IP.

They can, as the old saying goes, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

The weapon's afflict damages the shield beyond repair.

serious ills afflict the industry" "Jupiter is afflicted by Mars in opposition" "arthritis can afflict people of all ages

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