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After Amazon criticized earlier versions of the Colorado bill, it was modified by law makers to ensure that affiliates did not bear any regulation burden. says the law didn't put any burden on the * affiliates* in Colorado.

Google watches for "thin affiliates" - essentially spam -- "A thin affiliate is a site that gives you no original content and that only provides copied descriptions of products with affiliate links."

The state law says that if even one of those affiliates is in New York, Amazon must collect sales tax on everything sold in the state, even if it is not sold through the affiliate.

Dealing with affiliates is a flippin (caught myself) walk in the park compared to dealing with corporate America folks, and why should they act differently in person (at the wild parties, at the shows, swearing and just being yourself) at conferences/shows and then put on some type of false professional game face as soon as they get home to do their work?

They work closely with the I.O.C., with whom they have regular meetings, and as mentioned, their affiliates from the National Olympic Committees.

Panicky depositors were turned away from Stanford International Bank and some of its Latin American affiliates Thursday, unable to withdraw their money after U.S.

In a conversation led by CC Chile's Claudio Ruiz, the Latin American affiliates discussed the best linguistic solution, one that balanced usability with legal accuracy.

Also, at some stage, Israeli intelligence will begin to infiltrate the extremist Sunni outfits in Yemen, which are commonly known as affiliates of al-Qaeda.

We might as well finish it up, if you go to minerals for the quarter its 16. 7%, that would include our share of the Latin American affiliates net after-tax income, not their EBITDA but we roll those together and call them EBITDA, and a year ago it was abo0ut 28. 8% in the third quarter.

Then this year our Latin American affiliates had not seen a lot of disruption because of the projects in Chile or as much as we've seen.

Probably helps explain one of the key reasons that our Latin American affiliates have had the largest mineral exploration contract in the world for 16 of the last 17 years.

State laws, including one proposed in California, have generally hinged on the idea that an online retailers '"affiliates" -- Web site advertisers who get a commission on sales -- constitute such a presence within the state.

For a list of "affiliates" - people not currently offering programs who have interest in or experience with outreach programs -

You are attention whores and I have added your list of sponsors to my Do Not Buy List and have emailed three of them that one of their affiliates is blatantly displaying stolen copyright images.

They are described as affiliates of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Getco, JP Morgan, Lime Brokerage, Morgan Stanley, Tradebot Systems and Wedbush.

A Fox spokesman declined to comment on the letter, saying "Fox's negotiations with our affiliates are a private business matter."

In a report, the Africa Cricket Association pointed out that the so-called affiliates, 57.15% of the ICC's members, were represented by just 8.75% of the votes at the conference.

Instead, the terrorist attacks after 9/11 have been launched by smaller local groups, self-identified as affiliates of Al Qaeda, against much easier sites — the nightclub in Bali; cafés in Casablanca and Istanbul; hotels in Amman, Jordan; train stations in Madrid and London.

Generally, national federations have displayed a lack of appetite in calling their affiliates to order; because very often these federations themselves are not exemplary in conducting their affairs.

Despite the intimate involvement of U.S.-based sponsors and their Latin American affiliates, telenovelas developed their own thematic integrity.

Amazon has thousands of affiliates that help them sell books.

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