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Dope high-octane Detroit-meets-UK-funky workout from the label affiliated to Berlin's legendary Hard Wax record store.

The bigger the name affiliated with the story, the more lurid the details.

One of the more innovative pieces that draws on both of our capabilities is what we call the affiliated physicians EMR solution and that's getting out to that last mile, so to speak, the hardest to reach part of the healthcare community which is the small physician practices.

Frankly, who would want his or her name affiliated with one of Africa's worst dictators?

The dexterosphere takes it to mean that two conditions were necessary for the candidate to remain affiliated with (or at least to feel comfortable at) Trinity United Church of Christ: Pastor Wright had to both retire and acknowledge that his anti-American sermons were wrong.

This is definitely true with large mega churches that have the space and resources to offer everything from schools to vacations to shopping on site or in affiliated spaces.

Interestingly, the nurse who is covering the topic tomorrow does not want her name affiliated with our workplace, which does not even perform abortions.

In at least one case the scientist involved was surprised and shocked to see his name affiliated with the statements of the DI, and he asked that his name be removed it was.

At 23, Hill comes off just one season in affiliated ball (he spent 2000 in an independent league) and that one was interrupted by injury.

In his first year in affiliated minor league baseball,

The recently-released proposals for financial institutions legislation reform in Canada, which call for one third of the directors on the boards of banks and other financial institutions to be non-affiliated, is an attempt to guard against self-dealing through externally imposed -- and ultimately futile -- means.

The coalition is using social media to spread the word to affiliated members.

There's nothing on the department pages, and there is no name affiliated with the job posting.

Specifically, Victor, Toshiba, Sony & Columbia were all labels affiliated with consumer electronics companies.

Records from the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries show men and women of that name affiliated with a variety of merchant endeavors, including the dye and textile trades.

And they are mostly local militia and/or local tribe affiliated, which is their true allegiance at this point in time.

Let's talk a little about this editorial in "The Army Times," which is not affiliated, which is not directly controlled clearly by the Pentagon.

Two years ago, a bunch of labels affiliated to music giant EMI Group sued both MP3tunes and its infamous founder Michael Robertson – former founder and CEO of MP3. com and currently running VoIP startup Gizmo5 – over alleged copyright infringement.

"I was told the RCMP had done a screening and that perhaps my name was affiliated with something on Facebook or the Internet," MacDonald told the

The officer said she called the American Cancer Society, who said they did not have anyone out in that area collecting donations or anyone by that name affiliated with them.

Yo, my mans affilated with bloods" "I'm affliated

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