affects in a sentence

Sentence with the word affects

The designation affects how eurocrats calculate the domestic cost of production.

Don't fall prey to this tactic, decisions you make during the divorce process will have long term affects and consequences.

May 18, 2009 at 1: 51 AM sounds like it takes the vista stuff and puts it on xp and steals a bunch of compiz and kwin affects from linux too. eagles500

What it affects is the right to stop the questioning.

The aerial disbursement of loose pellets of rat poison over an area designated as a wildlife refuge will result in unnecessary and extensive loss of wildlife, and the long-term affects of dumping a toxic pesticide on this fragile ecosystem are unknown.

Heh — undercut the entire premise for its decision (that “self-consumption” of the grain affects interstate commerce).

Dry skin affects four in five Japanese | 世論 What Japan Thinks

That was truely amazing, but i did find it odd that there were no actual sound affects from the world around him … like when he was putting the stuff in the back pack you could obviously tell that it had be added in later.

We've been eating GMOs without knowing we're doing so, without knowing the long-term affects of what they do to us.

The article discussed a landmark study that measured the long-term affects on children who were raised by lesbian parents.

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  • Synonym for "affects"
    • soften, act on, overcome, concern, operate
  • Verb Forms for "affects"
    • affected, affecting, affectional, affectively, affects
  • Phrases for "affects"
    • adversely affects, vitiligo affects, It affects, cascading affects, affects self-image
  • Rhyme for "affects"
    • Brecht, Hecht, Select, bedecked, checked
  • Hyponym for "affects"
    • sweep off, hit home, disturb, trouble, sadden
  • Hypernym for "affects"
    • feeling
  • Cross Reference for "affects"
    • influence, taint, thrill, agitate, excite
  • Etymologically Related for "affects"
    • affection, affective, affectionate, affecter
  • Form for "affects"
    • affected, affectingly, affectedly, affectedness, affectation
  • Same Context for "affects"
    • decrease
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