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It nearly brought a tear to my eye when I saw thousands of screaming fans watching a bunch of (and I use the term affectionately) nerds out there doing their thing.

They all drove, flew and hopped trains from just about every corner of the country and spent their hours before boarding the Mothership (the term affectionately given the Hampton Coliseum due to its resemblance to a spaceship) in the parking lot tailgating, trying to score a last-minute ticket, selling food or homemade wares, and even attempting to find some chemical enhancement for the show later (not that we'd condone such behavior).

Blue Meanie was the name affectionately given to members of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office after their excessive use of force in 1969 against the protesters who “took” People’s Park away from the university and turned it into a community gathering place.

Give our kind respects to Mr Bird and family, and say that we feel truly the loss of so kind and hospitable a friend as our late Aunt, and remember all favours from Susan and Mr and Mrs Lockwood, to whom as to you, we wish to remain affectionately

Or as we have come to call it affectionately … a Midtown Lunch.

Gold then fell in the 1980s and '90s in what was called affectionately "The Great Moderation."

When Ashley Kerekes from Massachusetts had her name affectionately shortened to "The Ashes" she didn't think anything of using this moniker for her Twitter account – at least not until the actual Ashes began and cricket fans across the globe started unwittingly namechecking her in their tweets.

And these clowns in Washington -- and I use that term affectionately -- sit by and watch all of this going on and busy themselves with some kind of juvenile debate about immigration reform.

GERAGOS: This group of people they call affectionately, I think, the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

But he had not brought food nor cooking pots nor knife nor fork nor spoon: no blankets had he, and no change of clothing -- just the coffee-pot, a picture of a saint, and an out-of-date book of Bulgarian statistics, which he solemnly presented to me, with his name affectionately inscribed on the fly-leaf.

Last semester's mechanical engineering team began working on Caroline, a name affectionately given to the diesel powered car in honor of the song Neil Diamond song "Sweet Caroline," and the current team put the finishing touches on the vehicles.

And the geeks (I use that term affectionately) at Beyond the Box Score pick the Tigers anywhere from 2nd to last.

On the other, it says a lot when the super-liberal outsider fuck-ups (I use that term affectionately) that were, in part, attracted to me partly because of my indiscretionary, up-by-the-bootstraps work adventures suddenly wanted to put the clamp-down on my "means of production" once things got, you know, serious.

Hood, affectionately, is Rob (as in Robin), our puzzle-worker’s name.

I like Rodriguez because he makes very entertaining B movies and I mean that term affectionately but I wouldn’t describe him as an auteur in the true sense of the word.

"My mom—she's known as affectionately by the cast as the 'mommarazzi.'"

Simpson Miller is beloved by her supporters for her folksy, plain spoken style and is re referred to affectionately as "Sista P" and "Comrade Leader."

It seems to have gotten totally lost among all the dang (and I use that word affectionately) challenge lists.

Our tribe was a gentle group, called affectionately by the others the Drunken Builders.

With the exception of the DCS/Intelligence, the contingency experts of the main contributors were collocated in Corridor 3-C of the Headquarters SAC Administration Building, an area which was soon called affectionately, "Contingency Country."

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