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"She will rather die than give any sign of affection," says Benedick of Beatrice; and in that line Shakspere reveals one of the two essential traits of genuine modern coyness -- _dissemblance of feminine affection_.

_The affection which we rightly have for what is lovely must ordinate justly_, _in due manner end proportion_, _become the object of a new affection_, _or be itself beloved_, _in order to our being endued with that virtue which is the principle of a good life_.

_affection_ is naïve, to say the least, and need not be commented on after what has just been said about the true nature of affection and its altruistic test.

_how_, I say, to _set affection against affection_, and to master one by another, even as we used to hunt beast with beast, and fly bird with bird, which otherwise, percase, we could not so easily recover. '

With this there is united the complex sentiment which we term affection -- a sentiment which, as it exists between those of the same sex, must be regarded as an independent sentiment, but one which is here greatly exalted.

What I have striven to say is, that I forgive my brother, not because I love him, but because of the affection I bear him; also that this affection is the product of reason, is the sum of the judgments I have achieved.

A dissection of what we call affection does not give so vivid an impression of the master-passion as a true love-sonnet written by a poet.

Then the moon slips up into the sky from behind the hills, and the fisherman begins to think of home, and of the foolish, fond old rhymes about those whom the moon sees far away, and the stars that have the power to fulfil wishes -- as if the celestial bodies knew or cared anything about our small nerve-thrills which we call affection and desires!

The practice of infanticide, for selfish reasons, was, as we shall see in later chapters, horribly prevalent among many of the lower races, and even where the young were tenderly reared, the feeling toward them was hardly what we call affection -- a conscious, enduring devotion -- but a sort of animal instinct which is shared by tigers and other fierce and cruel animals, and which endures but a short time.

He will not weary of us, nor throw us back upon ourselves when our affection is the most ardent.

But they've helped gain favors and affection from a string of women, Bailey says.

Having said that, however, based on our discussions, I would say that his definition of everyday happiness would be along these lines: a feeling of joy and a sense of inner contentment that results from developing a calm, stable state of mind, rooted in affection and compassion.

It's an expression of affection for all mother tongues, regardless of whether they're mine, yours or someone else's.

The postcards of St Ives bought by the German diplomat in affection were later used to help target the coast in the Nazi guidebook.

Trying to find out more about the man she married, Rhoad learned that Jake had made the rounds, helping Haberman get sympathy, money and affection from a string of women.

Picking out clothes, so showing affection is just a small sample of women, and it is hardly oppressive.

I happen to think that the physical expression of love and affection is just about the best thing we humans do.

But they've helped gain favors and affection from a string of women,

For all the violence they inflict on each other, their mutual affection is always clear and always made a point of, which is not true of the Marx Brothers, who often seem bound together more by mutual hostility than by family loyalty.

The strange and haunted Southern poet for whom Landor develops a fatherly affection, is named Edgar Allan Poe.

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