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Mr. Moncton laughed at what he termed my affectation of moral integrity, and tried by every art to seduce me to join in amusements, and visit scenes, from which my mind revolted; and his own example served to strengthen my disgust.

(a sentence to which Scott's description of him as “a man of great genius” may be successfully opposed); and is especially severe on what he terms his affectation in disclaiming the compliments bestowed on his learning by some of his friends.

I think a lot of characters start in affectation and then build from there.

And I have no idea how his literary affectation translates into “journalism” of any sort.

Now, it’s cute that Miley shows up in a cravat and acts like he’s the offspring of AA Gill and Boris Johnson, but affectation is wearying.

Well, you have a list of stuff earlier than that, but it was that -- I just wanted to ask you, when people write you and talk about the tilt and your presence on the set or your so-called affectation of a British accent, do you know that that's the way you look to people on the outside?

I do not think it is uniformly conspicuous [Y] for quaintness, or that there is much that can be called affectation; though occasionally an excess of brevity has proved too tempting, or the desire to individualize runs away with him.

You resent, it seems, what you are pleased to term my affectation of intimacy, and you beg for a style of greater respect in any future communications.

Simplicity he holds to be "our barrier against that great enemy to truth and nature, affectation, which is ever clinging to the pencil, and ready to drop and poison every thing it touches."

This has been called affectation; but we have no doubt that

Thus whatever stretches beyond the bounds of perfection, may be called affectation, and this happens as often as the genius is lacking in judgment, and suffers itself to be deceived by an appearance of good.

You will perhaps laugh at me, and call it affectation.

The element of artificiality, of strained pomposity and affectation, which is the plague of classical tragedy, is everywhere apparent, and one hears, as it were, the cords and pulleys of these majestic _colossi_ creaking and groaning.

What is called affectation in a girl prevails to quite as large an extent in the shape of endless peculiarities among boys.

I come, now, to the silence of affectation, which is presently discernible by the roving of the eye round the room to see if it is heeded, by the sedulous care to avoid an accidental smile, and by the variety of disconsolate attitudes exhibited to the beholders.

Above all things, a speaker should guard against affectation, which is always disgustful.

This, perhaps, cannot be called affectation; but it has some tincture of it, at least so far, as that their fear of erring in a thing of no consequence argues they would be too much pleased in performing it.

I have just spoken of an indefinable but unpleasant impertinence, smoothness, and affectation, which is repulsive to a plain man, and in the countenance of my own pupil a simple and interesting expression which indicates the real contentment and the calm of his mind; an expression which inspires respect and confidence, and seems only to await the establishment of friendly relations to bestow his own confidence in return.

If, he added, this careful picking out of dishes is not done from greediness or gluttony, but from a desire to choose the worst food, it smacks of affectation, which is as inseparable from ostentation as smoke from fire.

Neither must we draw out our allegory too long, lest either we make ourselves obscure, or fall into affectation, which is childish.

The college sophomore down the hall who wears a fedora every day (known, unknowingly, to his hallmates as "Fedora Guy"): "I like to think I'm an endearingly mysterious gentleman." The kid with the fake accent/other contrived manner of speaking: "The way I casually throw in SAT words into my everyday speech makes the Normals uncomfortable, which is really cool because that means I'm impressing them and earning their respect." Self-proclaimed nerd: "I really like showing people that I know a whole lot about really obscure things like math and the internet, because when I meet people who are 'in the know' like me and who actually deserve to be in my presence, they'll know what I'm talking about and they'll be really impressed, which is epic hacks!" Dumb college kid at top-tier liberal arts school: "I'm so glad I've finally found a community where people like me can just bounce ideas off one another. I'm really excited about completely changing the way I think about everything by surrounding myself with such a diverse population of people who are exactly like me. Also I really really care about the actually important stuff, like politics and Darfur and voting and political correctness and intellectual conversations and getting drunk once in a while and being offended while remaining open-minded." Generic affected individual: "What? No, that's not an affectation, that's just the way I've always done that. No, you've got it all wrong--I do it for a reason. Plus--heh heh--it just plain looks cool." No dice, buddy.

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