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Sentence with the word affect

Do you think of yourself as a Korean-American writer, and does this acceptance or rejection of the label affect how you write and market your work?

During our initial job hunting stages, the post-dot com recession was already in affect, and shortly after graduation, 9-11 really through a wrench into our plans.

Bob Woodward's affect is that of a human tape recorder.

Each of those ways of using the revenue has different implications for specific households but the “average” affect is still the same.

How does/did Frankenstein affect art in general during the 19th Century?

The net affect is no different, no, but there is significance in this in regards underlying motivation and how one goes about doing something about it.

Usually all you can hope to affect is where the 'last seat' in each constituency goes.

But one thing it does not affect is certainly the mind and let me tell you, in the film that she had just seen, which was the premiere called Inkheart, it had flying monkeys that were lifted from The Wizard of Oz. Now Megan, 11 years old at the time, told me after the movie was over “Uh Brendan, you know the flying monkeys have been done before.”

I prefer a more scientific materialist viewpoint myself, that affect is rooted in the kinaesthetics of physiology and is therefore as much a part of physical nature as any other sensory experience.

Sadly, it has been used to "clean-up" Portland's image – to in affect hide the problem of homelessness – during the Rose Festival and other public times.

It doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to see that there will be a tremendous ripple affect from the passage of this bill.

To the extent that cultures are prevented from interacting with each other, the ‘we the kids’ vs ‘the establishment’ affect is probably fostered.

CO2 can and does warm the planet, but the affect is less than critical.

In fact, many voted for Obama and by dissing the Republicans he is in affect dissing the population of those states. sickoflibs

May I remind him that the people of this country voted for the Republican Senators as well and when the POTUS only meets with the Democratic Senators, he is in affect turning his back on the population who are Republican or Independants.

The teabagger voices were dominating the news, the republicans not shying away from some of the most offensive comments and signs shown at these rallies embraced the teabaggers and in affect all of the craziness that has accompanied them.

There's no telling the longterm affect of the Deepwater Horizon, which continues to gush after nearly three months.

If it were free or cheap, it probably wouldn't be sought after, and in affect, wouldn't be cool stuff.

The everyday psychopathology of displaced affect is attributed here to the pangs of privation, already metaphorically — extravagantly — understood by

There is supposed to be some wisdom, some sageness allowing you to realize all things – big and small – are, in affect, who you are.

1. Twinkies, Ho-hos and ding-dongs will affect your heart in a a negative way 2. Not protecting your computer with an anti-virus may affect its performance due to the possible presence of many a harmful virii.

v. Yo, that affects me, you know what I'm sayin'?

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  • Synonym for "affect"
    • soften, act on, overcome, concern, operate
  • Verb Forms for "affect"
    • affected, affecting, affectional, affectively, affects
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    • feeling
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    • influence, taint, thrill, agitate, excite
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    • affection, affective, affectionate, affecter
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    • affected, affectingly, affectedly, affectedness, affectation
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