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Accountant-General, and the last man in the world to suppose that I have given myself ten days 'privilege leave to the Hills on urgent private affairs, -- _affairs de coeur_, and _affairs de rien_, of sorts.

This, I think, is evidently the case in speaking of Indian affairs at all, after being instructed in very express terms, '_Not to have any concern with, or management of Indian affairs_.'

An active participation in affairs is the prerogative of men only, who read the papers, learn the condition of the markets, and make all the purchases for the household.

Banking is an occupation, and architecture is a career, but what we call affairs in

I don't think anyone that has any real knowledge of foreign and military affairs is a part of this blogging forum, unless you're retired military.

Again I will repeat the chorus that the state of affairs is not Pres.

Our current state of affairs, is spelled out in these (2) quotes.

But this state of affairs is none the less based upon might.

You draw up a cold programme for action in affairs of the spirit and formulate a code of procedure in matters of the heart.

Needless to say, this is not, in my view, an ideal state of affairs from a few angles, not the least of which because it takes a great deal of time, and second of all because it can delay the good discussions as well.

However the sorry state of affairs is that we are more controlled economically and in our personal lives than at any time in living memory, The Libertarian Party wishes to end the new labour police state, we wish to remove attempts to control your life (the smoking ban, speed cameras, ID card etc) and we wish to end government interference in your personal finances by completely scrapping income tax.

I'm not sure how often she watches the show, but "applying liberal criticism" to current affairs is ... what the show does.

The sad state of affairs is that Chris Brown could have easily killed Rhianna, and then those leaked pictures of A brused and battered rhianna could have been from her autopsy.

“Does anyone know why the Dept. of Veterans affairs is separate from the Dept. of Defense?”

Does anyone know why the Dept. of Veterans affairs is separate from the Dept. of Defense?

An elevated lead development agency should have a more prominent role in affairs concerning multilateral development organizations.

There were a myriad of long term affairs, never serious.

"In the holy religion of Islam the methods to prove extra-marital affairs is very hard," he said, explaining that a conviction for murder weighed more heavily than one for adultery.

Somehow objection to this state of affairs is in support of a “one-way street”.

After all, authority over foreign affairs is precisely one of the most important powers that the states yielded to the Federal government upon adoption of the Constitution.

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