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What does 'internal affair' really mean? yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'What does 'internal affair' really mean? '

In my eyes, the affair is the truly serious issue morally.

June 29th, 2009 2: 37 pm ET while I agree that his affair is a personal matter, I feel that Mr. Sanford should step down because he abandoned his post for 5 days without notifying anyone of his wherabouts.

The only one who seems to care about the affair is the media.

I agree with Meghan that the affair is a private matter.

Bryn JonesBath• Ian Jack's use of the word "affair" to describe the sexual abuse of 16-year-old Michael Ward by his mother Obituary, 18 May was bizarre.

If he'd done all this WITHOUT the affair he'd have already been given the axe ... the affair is a smokescreen that the reps and Sanford are using for sympathy.

The troublesome aspect of this affair is the ineptitude on display at the Justice Department.

Ms. Hunter having a child from the affair is akin to banks or AIG receiving tax money and then paying 7 - figure bonuses.

Often people begin to see what they want to preserve at the moment that their affair is about to come out of hiding.

What has caught my eye in this affair is the use of the Common Law offence of 'misconduct in a public office' to be the sledgehammer with which to crack the nut.

Allah, I wonder at your case and am confounded at your condition; of a truth, your affair is amazing and your chance dazing.

He would tell her it was not, in truth, the kind of relationship that people refer to when they use the word affair.

His father having been killed in a coining affair, Mandrin swore to revenge him.

This affair is another type of transistor-run oscillator prepared for demonstration purposes.

This letter, or a copy of it, having fallen into the hands of Wilkes, it was published by him, with an inflammatory preface, in which he called the affair in St. George's

If there are children the affair is a little more complicated and the one who has the most money, either the man or the woman, must give the most financial aid.

Although a believer in ghosts and goblins, she on one occasion exhibited remarkable courage, if the account given of the affair is accurate.

The "affair" is something that should be worked out between the Govenor and his wife.

It bothers me that people keep saying an "affair" is the problem.

He had an affair with her best friend, and when she found out about it, she instantly divorced him and they never talked again.

I'm having an affair with the daugther of my friend.

I'm having an affair." "Oh, are you having it catered?

She and Russ had some fun back in their time. But he married Lane and then it was considered an affair to screw people on the side behind her back.

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