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Sentence with the word afer

Consultancy firm iSupply said in September it expected the GPS market to fall for the first time in 2009 after years of booming growth and to fall off in the longer term afer a rebound this year and next.

Perhaps all this * should* be considered as piracy, afer all, if that will cover the situation, why not? tomw

There are no standards any Mexican egg merchant I know of uses to throw away an egg afer it has aged on the shelf forever except for select egg vendors I use in Chiapas and at Lakeside.

So afer the genocide, AU like U.N., decided to organize every year a ceremony to remember what happened in Rwanda in a way to take lesson and learn from the experience of Rwanda, to realize, never again.

When a politician claims that there is nobody better qualified to perform the duties as mayor of NYC than Bloomberg, even afer being extremely outspoken about NOT ending term limits when that other shill, Rudy 9/11 wanted to end term limits, its time to dump him!

We said Obama afer Bush would cripple us and all the partisan talking points and push polling won't change that.

Apollo dies as it should have because afer meeting Kennedys goal, it was too expensive to keep on doing it.

Looking forward to both the CD and wow that music video will require a cold shower afer viewing.

ET was also at the premiere, where they talked to Dakota (it is her night afer all) Ashley and Kellan.

It was sold through Hastings, which recently closed its doors afer taking a beating on the dollar-Euro exchange for its French-made barrels and chokes.

So, I'm feeling a bit nobody-loves-me whiny today afer reading this aritcle via davidlevine because I suck (in my Tate persona) at the whole contest, games, downloadable extra thing.

It seems very ironic on its face that the world record came from a place where the lg-mouth is an invasive species, but afer thinking about it makes a lot of sense.

I was thinking of posting a commet on the issue of presidential qualifications but afer scanning this board I changed my mind.

Target shares are lower afer a report that same same store sales rose 3.1 percent in December versus the same period last year, according to a report by Thomson Reuters.

The country learned their M.O. afer the last crisis by reviewing their internal emails, and by the cynical and lawless way they played clients in the ABACUS deal.

He would be arrested the day afer Pearl Harbor and held at Ft. Lincoln amidst a variety of Nazi supporters.

Kincaid openly supports Uganda's "Kill The Gays" bill even afer it was facing an international backlash.

"I told him I felt like a prop afer the actions they had taken regarding bipartisanship," Corker said.

Sean Parnell said Thursday afer a bill signing event in Palmer.

It's only begun to dawn on the UK afer 13 years that Blair was Bliar and NuLab a con - we won ` t even bother to mention Brown.

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