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Here is experience in aerospace from the other camp.

I've gotten it too and I actually know the C-W equations and the difference between form and area drag since I earned my MSE in aerospace engineering.

But, I would have to think long and hard before encouraging her to commit to a career in aerospace ... at least as things are now!

Experience in aerospace or, in the case of Webb, aeronautics.

But if you don't have a technical background, then you should have an aerospace industry or military background, some experience that gives you credibility in aerospace circles.

Over at Gizmodo, Joseph Shoer, Ph. D candidate in aerospace engineering (fun fact: I had two separate college roommates who were both in A.E., at the same time!, until they weren't) wrote this incredibly interesting and lengthy article on the physics of space battles, focusing on what a real battle might look like, what weapons, both offensive and defensive, might be deployed and what types of ships might be used.

This road map was specifically formulated to create opportunities for students to continue their exploration of space throughout their educational careers; then once thier educational career is complete, the students are then primed for a career in aerospace industry.

I was recently asked by a friend to come up with some convincing arguements (for a friend of his 'persuasive speech to his Public Speaking college class) why youngsters should consider careers in aerospace and the other STEM disciplines.

Twenty years since being laid off by a certain aerospace company (along with 3,499 others!), and unable to find a job in the industry or with NASA ...

But until you learn what a bit is, how long a millisecond lasts, and why AL 6061-T6 is used in aerospace vehicles, you will never contribute or "participate" in a meaningful way.

Griffin personifies the problem aerospace is having right now.

When I was younger, I was inspired by new and exciting developments in aerospace technology, but I can't imagine that NASA's retro "spam in a can" approach to human spaceflight is very inspiring to young people.

Yes we need to invest in our country and yes aerospace is a good place to do some of it, however we need to currently put the money into areas where it will produce jobs for the everyday people who work an assembly line building cars, household items, and other everyday things, building items we can sell around the world.

Many of the young engineers I work with, in aerospace, are afraid to touch aerospace hardware let alone adjust or modify it.

Passion needs to be nurtured: There is no such incentive in aerospace today.

Dale is a recognized senior executive and leader in aerospace and homeland security, and has broad experience in national security.

I don't work in aerospace and my only window into NASA has been space news websites and NASA publications.

While Bolden's ties to industry are a fair matter for discussion, almost anyone in aerospace has industry ties.

Reasons should have included leadership in aerospace, the future economy, new technologies, international participation, the continuing challenge for future generations .......

He is credited with turning Rolls-Royce into a world leader in aerospace engine technology and is understood to have turned down an offer to become the government's trade minister recently - a post which HSBC boss Stephen Green accepted instead.

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