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Vegan bakeries have evolved into fast-growing businesses, racking up sales of moist flax-seed cakes, soy-butter cookies and fudgy brownies one secret: adzuki beans.

Today, she uses some legumes in recipes—adzuki beans make her brownies "fudgy" she says—but tempers their inclusion with a pinch of baking soda.

We tried the chocolate-coated custard-filled donut, and the adzuki bean-filled donut rolled in sugar … both very, very good.

From the Chinese buns, to the Japanese adzuki bean paste, and in the Caribbean we make habichuelas con dulce, which is like a dessert bean soup.

He is also a little sweeter and something about the adzuki bean (V. angularis) makes you feel like celebrating.

• Top a green salad with a colorful mix of beans, like lima, chickpeas, and adzuki.

I also added rice bran and adzuki bean powder as an exfoliant (my favorite exfoliants).

Many Japanese seem to make a fuss over the inability of foreigners to eat anko, a sweet bean paste usually made from adzuki beans, which I have never had a problem with.

•Top a green salad with a colorful mix of beans, like lima, chickpeas, and adzuki.

Moon cakes are traditionally given out as gifts to family and friends, and are stuffed with adzuki bean paste.

Myra slid off the barrel and said "I was using my ass to help germinate the adzuki beans for ya, Otter."

So for the last few months before the rowing race I had been experimenting with various peas and beans, and had found that chickpeas and adzuki beans were the best combination of good flavor and ease of growing.

• The following beans cause less gas than others: Anasazi beans, adzuki beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, pigeon peas, and split peas.

The best vegan sources of zinc are whole grains, wheat germ, fortified cereals, adzuki beans, hyacinth beans, other legumes, tempeh, textured vegetable protein TVP, nuts, and seeds.

I asked Ike-san how on earth they got it to such a texture, and he revealed that they boil the raw octopus in green tea and adzuki beans.

Azuki Bean Azuki or adzuki Chinese chi dou is an East Asian species of Vigna,V. angularis, about 8 by 5 by 5 mm, and most commonly a deep maroon color, which makes it a favorite ingredient for festive occasions.

She was eating rice mixed with red adzuki beans and, in a sickening way, it did look like blistered skin.

(Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) and adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) are considered to warrant further development.

A "new or an alternative crop is either a species new to a region, such as amaranth, adzuki beans, or blueberries, or an existing crop such as millet, buckwheat, or broccoli, which shows increased economic promise".

The beansprouts include adzuki, alfalfa, broccoli, peas, lentils and mung beans, all grown in the nursery for consumption in salads.

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