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Sentence with the word advocates

Strafford spoke a bitter criticism not only with regard to Maynard and Glyn, but with regard to the prevailing tone of the bar, when, describing the conduct of the advocates who managed his prosecution, he said: "Glynne and Maynard used me _like advocates_, but Palmer and Whitelock _like gentlemen_; and yet the latter left out nothing against me that was material to be urged against me."

The ministry said that the United States is interfering in China's internal affairs, as well, and sending false signals to what it called the advocates of Taiwanese independence.

The proposed health-insurance bill from the House of Representatives refers to mentally disabled people as "retarded" - a term advocates, relatives and physicians find outdated and offensive.

Grow up you Portland housing advocates is all I have to say.

The point I hear trotted out all the time by Universal Health Care advocates is that poor uninsured people forgo preventative care and end up with serious conditions that require expensive treatment that inevitably is paid by the state anyway.

Howe says the pressure from privacy advocates is bearing fruit.

A pressing question amongst global health advocates is how to finance global health in the midst of this global economic recession?

Palin advocates for stronger marriages but pushes policies that weaken it (certainly not intentionally, I believe she is merely mistaken about the probable outcome of those policies).

But the real problem with low fat diets and their advocates is that there is no evidence that fat is bad for you, except for the very fats, polyunsaturated, that they advocated as “good” fats.

Misinformed Bullet Train advocates, like Oberstar.

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  • Synonym for "advocates"
    • counselor, pleader, support, favor, plead
  • Verb Forms for "advocates"
    • advocated, advocates, advocating
  • Phrases for "advocates"
    • patients-rights advocates, Consumer advocates, borders advocates, amnesty advocates, alien advocates
  • Hypernym for "advocates"
    • propose, advise, suggest, attorney, lawyer
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    • advocated, advocating, devil's advocate
  • Same Context for "advocates"
    • supporter, champion, opponent, lawyer, defender
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