advised in a sentence

Sentence with the word advised

_I have advised, _ _I have been (was) advised_, etc.

He therefore advised -- no, not _advised_; for with some minds if you _advise_ you are not listened to, if you command you are obeyed -- he commanded that his patient should have his madeira always decanted into the curious beaker, for certain galvanic advantages that every knowing porter-drinker is aware of: Erasmus emptied a decanter of madeira into the beaker to show that it held more than a quart.

Cannot arranging member licensed, he / she term advised the a, in and price.

When Palin advised O'Donnell to "speak through Fox News," she was talking about that network's function as a mouthpiece for right-wing candidates.

Ben Franklin advised young men to seek out older experience women for sexual relief.

Hardin advised Clemens not to say anything that would show you are trying to influence a federal witness.

It is past time, Admiral McCain advised, for American units in Vietnam to overhaul their mission: the goal of the military effort in Vietnam should be to protect Vietnamese civilians from Communist insurgents, he wrote, rather than merely to hunt guerrillas in the countryside and then withdraw to the safety of permanent bases.

However we were not retired at that time and were advised from the get-go ... not to invest more than we were prepared to lose in real estate.

Anyone else with this problem, Virgin advised me the company is called Mobizar and when looking up on the internet, it would appear this company has traded under different names; Mobizar, Tanla Mobile, Aggregate, Helio Taps.

Stone said her record label advised her to stick to the US afterwards: “They said don’t do anything in the UK because everybody hates you.

Following a mandate from the president for what McCain advised, Goss is cleaning house.

Our mutual friend advised me of his Excellency's appointment and was observant enough and gallant enough to suggest that we should declare this to be a Ladies Day in order to give ourselves the privilege of meeting Lady Hayman whom my informant advised is (quote) "Absolutely charming," (end of quote).

It was ill-advised from the start because it created the impression that the white man would save Asia, when in truth the only power that can save Asia is a power from within Asia itself.

Although Folin advised him to take up Law, since he thought that a one-armed man could never make a success of chemistry, Sumner persisted and obtained his Ph.D. degree in

He did as Merlin advised, and had a great round table made, at which there was a seat for each one of his knights.

He was most solicitous for my recovery, and, as the physician who was called in advised the hospital, he left me well provided with money, and after securing my promise of forgiveness begged me to return to him when I had recovered.

Among the beverages, the best, and indeed the only one, to be unreservedly advised is pure fresh spring

Yet all this charitableness, springing as it does from envy and hatred, may be as a mere nucleus of doctor and Dorcas to what may come if Mr. Lincoln remain advised by his present advisers.

The calls advised residents that barcodes will be installed on their city-owned recycling carts during February.

10 Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.

I proceeded to get advised as soon as we entered the bar.

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