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Sentence with the word advice

Your posts will be excellent if they contain advice from the trenches.

Their main advice is to treat boys like any friend and not as a different species — or one option is to ignore them until you (and them) are 19.

My main advice is to think about the types of things you like to cook.

If the advice is always bad then why wouldn't malpractice lawsuits take care of the problem?

But the advice is as good as ever (and developed at length it in later chapters, which deal with topics such as how to understand what a book is “about”).

Much of this advice is available in Weil's previous works as well as on his Web site. '

Every time I hear the party faithful lamenting third parties my advice is the same.

In advisory accounts, the advice is the primary service being offered.

If you are collecting Dahlonega quarter eagles by date or if you are a type collector looking for a single very high grade piece, my advice is to be aggressive on the very rare occasions that a coin like this 1841-D become available.

The real target for their advice is the Congress, which in the end has the final power to adjust the amount of money being spent by the nation on Earth Science.

Not following this advice is the most common reason that lost sportsmen wind up dead, as was the case with two young elk hunters discovered in an adjoining mountain range a few years back.

All of the other advice is absolutely correct, but one other thing you might want to consider is that, for the most part, real estate transactions in Mexico are done either by cash or check.

I suppose my advice is a bit gratuitous but our total economic well being is at stake.

I should have taken olegt's advice. oleg's "advice" is that seeing that you two are ignorant of nested hierarchies you should try to help someone understand them.

Providing "advice" is the highest responsibility allowed for non-governmental folks.

That would be the real testament to how much his "advice" is actually valued ... rather than "tolerated."

The problem with this kind of advice is that there are a lot of writers out there who can pull off an accomplished and enjoyable story.

It is not only on capital spending that we get this kind of advice from the press, but we get it on current spending as well.

[quote advice queen ... some] the truth is cold. thats life. death is colder though ... [/ quote] so much for your title advice queen, your a bit bitter = / Poster dont kill yourself alright.

The young woman that did follow this advice is still married today and her husband has been dedicated to his family.

Dude, got any advice for me?" "Hey let's go outside and advise

1/2/3- Question: Could some one help me with this? How can I disable the thumbnails in Vista.Reply: LOLZ! YOU WAT!/ TITS or GTFO/ Stop talking shit about my mom!/ I've slept with her, lol!/ etc... (between other numerous replies, that only add to the repliers post count or shitty reputation, and don't actually give an answer to the question)4- Stop taking advices!!!

Proper use of the word "advice": "I need advice on asking her out, can you help me?" by SomeAwesomeDude (600 posts) Improper use of the word "advice": "im bi....i need advice" by XxXhottxbixbabeXxX (1 post)

I was given the advice once that you should never eat a dirty girl or you'll get a tongue disease.

Yeah bro she gave me some great "advice" last night.Hey I really need some "advice" right about now.

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  • Sentence for "advice"
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  • Synonym for "advice"
    • admonition, information, exhortation, recommendation, suggestion
  • Phrases for "advice"
    • good advice, unsolicited advice, advice Seppy, Trudy's advice, best advice
  • Rhyme for "advice"
    • Brice, Bryce, Grice, Nice, Price
  • Hyponym for "advice"
    • admonition, indication, monition, recommendation, word of advice
  • Hypernym for "advice"
    • proposal
  • Cross Reference for "advice"
    • notice, information, to take advice, take advice, advice boat
  • Etymologically Related for "advice"
    • adviso, advise, aviso
  • Form for "advice"
    • adviceful, avizefull, advice boat
  • Same Context for "advice"
    • instruction, counsel, decision, assistance, guidance
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