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At least the commercial advertisers have an incentive to offer correct information on their product (tastes great, cheap prices etc) otherwise the customer won't buy the product a second time and the advertisement is a waste of money.

Bournemouth, no I am only pointing out the differences between these two not for profit businesses that were mentioned in the advertisement, and the advertisement is against the forum rules for both.

The third line of the advertisement is addressed to the ladies of the air.

In this case, Crimplesham, who is, in the words of an English classic, a man-of-infinite-resource-and-sagacity, correctly deduces that, of all people, the last whom we shall expect to find answering our advertisement is the criminal himself.

Pursuant to 1200.1 (k), "advertisement" is defined as:

Cherokee wagged the stump of his tail in advertisement that he understood the meaning of the blows, but that he knew he was himself in the right and only doing his duty by keeping his grip.

And one that has a business model that can be summed up in advertisement with long tail concepts, in a time like this is not a realistic one.

(Clearing his throat in advertisement of his presence.)

He uttered a clucking noise in advertisement of his friendliness, and Michael snarled at this black who had dared to lay hands upon him -- a contamination, according to Michael's training -- and who now dared to address him who associated only with white gods.

The group Americans for Life, which bought the advertisement, is now promising to make a correction.

Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal A drug advertisement is visible on the side of a building on Canal Street at Broadway in Manhatta n.

The advertisement is perfect for O'Donnell because it sums up her entire candidacy: it's a joke.

The advertisement is the latest in a number that resort to a dubious disregard for the facts.

A McCain advertisement called “Fact Check” was itself found to be “less than honest” by FactCheck. org, a nonpartisan group.

Remember your biggest advertisement is word of mouth.

Regarding Scalia and Thomas, the advertisement is to the senate, the Bush I white house knew damn well how conservative Scalia and Thomas were.

The advertisement is from the Islamic Cultural Center in Mexico City [es], which offers a weekend cultural event.

This advertisement is running to support a limited promotion in the Singapore market and is not running in the U.S. or any other markets.

Honestly folks, if a racist-themed advertisement is run in the U. S of A which you would deem non-racist as per the usual, and if anyone from the East or anywhere else were to make their disgust known.

Suggestion I call it, because I should blush to use the word advertisement in describing anything so dainty and decorative.

Urban Dictionary's owner says "How could I affored an advertisement free site and 500 hookers a month? It's impossible.

Hey, this can is dripping with water! BE THIRSTY! Some celebrity eats ARSENIC BURGERS! you want to be like this CELEBRITY don't you Wow! This supermodel likes HITTING HER HEAD AGAINST A WALL! Hmm, hitting your head against a wall may be linked to SUPERMODELS! Let's go try it! Huzzah! Hey kids! Making your parents buy EXPENSIVE THINGS from EXPENSE CO. is COOL, because we say so! Now bug your parents into buying these things or EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU

Person 1: Hey, have you seen that crazy weight loss advertisement (Ad)? Person 2: Yeah, it's so annoying!

Mo: "Huh, that's weird, my neck kinda itches..." J: "Holy shit, Mo! You've got the fucking advertisement all over yourself! Get away from me... that shits gross!" Mo: "Ahhh, come on its not that bad! Where's Chris, maybe he can fix it?" J: "That shit is beyond fixing, Mo.

I really like d'em Budweiser frog advertisements. Burp.

This definition brought to you by WIRE SCREEN DOORS.

Aw man, he's all advertisement. He says he's brave but he's just a big pussy.

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