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"Here, brother Sancho Panza," said Don Quixote when he saw it, "we may plunge our hands up to the elbows in what they call adventures; but observe, even shouldst thou see me in the greatest danger in the world, thou must not put a hand to thy sword in my defence, unless indeed thou perceivest that those who assail me are rabble or base folk; for in that case thou mayest very properly aid me; but if they be knights it is on no account permitted or allowed thee by the laws of knighthood to help me until thou hast been dubbed a knight."

Each of those stories also reworks one of the team's adventures from the 1960s.

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Would you like to see a "Call of Duty" movie apart from "Red Dawn," or do you think the retelling of the Wolverines 'adventures is enough?

I'll tune in every Christmas for the 24-hour "A Christmas Story" marathon, but the "Christmas Carol" - inspired tale of a jerkface TV exec and his eye-opening ghostly adventures is something I can pop in anytime, anywhere.

The pleasure of reading a great story and to experience the characters 'adventures is universal.

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I like the way you write this blog (actually it's like reading a fiction, the way you tell your adventures is kind of fascinating) and as I've never read any book you wrote (shame on me!), now I feel like buying one!

In countless Batman adventures from the 1940s through the 1960s, the Dynamic Duo are on the point of catching a gang of crooks when Robin trips over something.

Escaping through written adventures is my poison of choice.

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