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The word adventurer has been through a half-millennium of exciting times.

Such are among the sad chances to which the life of the Rocky Mountain adventurer is exposed.

Another book on the American adventurer is in the works: Ethan has a knack for staying in trouble.

The basic difference between a tourist and an adventurer is that the former pays in advance to make sure his arrangement is safe and without any dramatic meanderings from their vacation plans.

*As late as 1939, when Life magazine ran an article in which he was referred to as a lobbyist and an adventurer, Bunau-Varilla, at age eighty, responded that he had been no such thing: Unless you call adventurer a man who sacrifices his time, his money and his scientific capacities to the glory of his nation and to the service of her great friend the United States. . .

For does not the word adventurer stand for the pioneer, the explorer, the inventor, the soldier and the sailor?

I take back the word adventurer, but I still hold to all I have said about him.

During the successful revolt of the Spanish provinces from Old Spain, there fought on behalf of Peru a certain Creole adventurer from Cuba, who, by his bravery and good fortune, at length advanced himself to high rank in the patriot army.

Giacomo Casanova, the 18th Century adventurer, is one of history’s most misunderstood individuals.

Solomon Kane, the Puritan adventurer, is one of Robert E. Howard’s fictional creations (along with Conan, Kull, and Bran Mak Morn).

Ralph now locked himself into the cellar, where he awaited most impatiently the approach of his associate, who was to have returned in half an hour with the coach; but more than two hours elapsed before they came, during which our adventurer was a prey to the fiercest pangs of uncertainty and apprehension.

Most soldiers of fortune were self-glorified brigands; to be called an adventurer was to be insulted.

The adventurer was the characteristic product of that jostling time; but Shakespeare turned his head away; he was not interested in him.

The adventurer is the man with the sword who came in armor with armed men - and he took.

In addition, the sending of a man to the plantation before midsummer of 1625 entitled the adventurer to 50 acres of land on each division.

It was a wild and wilful age; eager English spirits were beginning to take a part in the opening up of the new world; the old, limiting horizons were gone; men dared to think for themselves and act boldly; ten years before Drake had sailed round the world -- the adventurer was the characteristic product of the time.

The payment of twelve pounds and ten shillings to the treasurer of the company, entitled the adventurer to a grant of one hundred acres, the occupancy of which also secured a right to as many more.

Mr. Kaufman helped create the nearly blind "adventurer".

Will is an "adventurer" of "Scottish stock," born in Tasmania but settled in Hong Kong, with a stop in India along the way.

Apparently it's some kind of adventurer tradition to always write some expository information on nearby paper immediately before meeting your untimely demise.

I'm an adventurer just like Indiana Jones.

City Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee...

Yeah, I'm a pretty hardcore adventurer. I've seen every episode of Adventure Time that exists. No big deal or anything though.

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