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Sentence with the word adventure

Rabbi Ben Ezra waited for death to open the gate to it, but to her it seemed that she was in the midst of it now, that 'adventure brave and new' _in which death itself was also to be an adventure_ ....

Life is an adventure: The word adventure comes from the Latin word ad-venire.

I make the mistake of using the word adventure and he says: "You can use this word in my presence only in quotes."

Its literature is comparatively scant, but Doug Ammons has already crafted a classic meditation on what he calls "adventure sports," one that easily transcends the river genre.

“The mission of our adventure is about taking almost 50 women across the finish line together,” said founder Sunny Becks-Crumpton.

“The mission of our adventure is about taking almost 50 women across the finish line together,” said Sunny Becks-Crumpton, founder of Hooping for Hope, which provides hoop fitness classes to breast cancer survivors free of charge.

I can't even decide which step of this adventure is the most aggravating.

The only clear winner in the adventure is the state.

The word adventure is really a bad pick, would not you say?

Still, the best part of this adventure is the diversion and camaraderie of adventurous friends.

Ready or not, another adventure is about to begin.

Often a large segment of this adventure is a musical journey of one kind or another.

It is natural for the young to seek what they call adventure, and to serve their country, but you have done much already, Robert.

Here, Palkot described what he calls his "adventure" to GQ.

To me, adventure is danger -- and danger is not something I often flirt with (unless it flirts with me first).

I strongly believe that character and plot must be tightly interwoven, especially in adventure fiction.

This new one carries his Latin American adventure even further when Bernie turns up in Batista's Cuba, which is both a mob-run playground for pleasure-seeking Yankees and a dictatorship that while mild next to Hitler's, is plenty bad.

Oh, yes, there is often the small Latin American adventure military

Travel plans thwarted with the announcement of my brother's wedding in May, so our big round the word adventure is going to hold off until then.

My common sense kindly and plainly spoke this truth to my aching heart: Pan had been simply having a word adventure with me in character.

“That trail looks rideable” “I have a bad feeling about it” “It will be an adventure” “We might die” “We might not”

We could go to Taco Bell, but Chilpotle sounds a bit better." "Yeah, and we could stop off at my dude's house. We'll make an adventure out of it.

Hey, wanna cruise with me and Jim? It'll be one hell of an adventure" "It always is isn't it?

were having a good time hiking in the woods, but this is no adventure. if one of us breaks our leg, or gets attacked by a bobcat, then were talking.

Hey man you got that eighth? Hell Yea Lets go on an adventure!

Let's go to North Korea! It would be an adventure!

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  • Synonym for "adventure"
    • event, enterprise, venture, undertaking, chance
  • Antonym for "adventure"
    • boredom
  • Verb Forms for "adventure"
    • adventured, adventures, adventuring
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    • advent, advene
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    • adventurous, adventuress, adventuresome, adventurousness, adventurer
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    • romance, incident, tale, experience, pleasure
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