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We contend, that for tolerably good land, situated advantageously, that is, with a ready access to good markets and good fairs, such as those of Coventry, Birmingham, Gloucester, Worcester,

Again, this argumentation is handled very advantageously, which is derived from a species when you pursue all the separate parts by tracing them back to the whole, in this way "If that is _dolus malus_ when one thing is aimed at, and another pretended," we may enumerate the different modes in which that can be done, and then under some one of them we may range that which we are trying to prove has been done

Treasury can always purchase, then claim to have revised its valuation and sell "advantageously" at a loss.

Eileen and Michael SandersonBarnsley • Jackie Ashley writes Comment, 9 May that Cameron's Tories might advantageously engineer an early election.

Michele Bachmann was able to reach her high-water mark without being unduly encumbered by her gender; nor was she advantageously buoyed by it.

• In a team, there's always two points of view and that can be an asset rather than a liability if perceived advantageously.

Right through the summer, Jeremy would stand at the top of a tall wooden ladder in those boxy, airless rooms in the Leeper building, wearing, I recall, comparatively tight-fitting shorts, while I did my best to read off the shelf lists (meaning drawers densely laden with cards), performing this function from as advantageously configured a vantage point below.

The first piece of "The Drunken Father," is quite in the author's own style; though there are two or three stanzas very imperfect, which might probably be omitted advantageously.

As a Californian who has now lived almost 20 years in Germany, I can assure you that resident aliens in Germany are treated more advantageously than those in the US.

I raised my concern that the education and the technology worlds are coming together, but perhaps not as strategically or advantageously as they could.

The education and technology worlds are coming together, but perhaps not as strategically or advantageously as they could.

Kids who are often at the end of the line feel like the ones at the beginning get treated advantageously.

It fell apart mostly for the exact same, failed-reasons the critics of Net Freedom are trying to repeat: corporations trying to control what is out of their control and protect their dead past, rather than understanding the future, embracing it, and using it advantageously to encompass everyone's needs: their own, the content creators and the public.

They held the position earlier, then abandoned it, only to see their own bunkers occupied advantageously by the NVA.

The implication here is that marriages that can manage anger and anxiety advantageously, avoid depression, and can create confidence, optimism, tenacity, and enthusiasm will be more rewarding than those who let anger and anxiety get out of hand or unable to generate happy times

How else do you explain Jerry Brown's recent fascination with investigations and allegations announced with lots of media in tow and advantageously timed to benefit traditional Democratic constituencies and issues?

Pickering: It's very difficult to know because the simple equation there is - If the security equation is not moving advantageously, the supposition is that entering a negotiated process is not a good idea.

A “reverence for the … rights of freemen, and a regard for the public harmony,” he told the members of Congress, would “sufficiently influence your deliberations on … how far the former can be impregnably fortified, or the latter be safely and advantageously promoted.”

Another course of lessons would certainly be forthcoming if her work was advantageously displayed.

“If you believe,” he wrote in 1968, that our military intervention in 1965 was a blunder and that, once the blunder had been committed, the issue before us was not how to continue the war but how to liquidate it as quickly and advantageously as possible, then you have no real problem in liquidating it now.

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