adulating in a sentence

Sentence with the word adulating

Ahead of the visit, there is a choir of adulating commentators who already compare the Turkish leader to the late Egyptian and Arab icon, Gamal Abd Al-Nasser.

Sucking up may enhance your political prospects, but it's not done on merits, and most command and control entities exist for the purpose of adulating their leaders.

Political symbols by their very nature, always with adulating and denigrating constituencies.

It wasn't long before Tucker was performing out of blackface to increasingly adulating audiences.

The suggestion that they served a vital constitutional function is self-adulating myth.

Does Obama really think all of America are that ignorant or adulating of him that much?

Obama is best in a rock star venue when he's on stage and playing to the adulating thousands.

Addressing himself to the rows of adulating empty chairs, Mr Page explained at some length how UKIPs leadership had to recognise his fame or face the consequences.

In the integrality of "all life is yoga" there is no dichotomy between reading and adulating.

This fast-paced crime thriller focuses on the life of a bounty hunter as his work intrudes on his family turning his once loving wife into a shrill and his once adulating offspring wondering if he will ever be there for her.

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