adrenaline in a sentence

Sentence with the word adrenaline

‡ Figuratively, the term adrenaline is used in speaking of a high state of excitement: “When the race began, the adrenaline really started pumping.

Then you get to your hotel and your adrenaline is at its zenith and you can't fall asleep.

The thrill for the amateur is partly based in adrenaline, and it also lies in the dramatic tradition of the sport.

As someone pointed out adrenaline is pounding all round and the police know what there is going to be people there just to cause trouble.

One can only imagine the heart pounding, blood thumpin ', adrenaline shootin' high, that a man gets when he sees one of these beauty's in the wild outdoors!

` ` I think my adrenaline is going to carry me through the first game. ''

These women, in turn, create men with anger management issues who function best (if at all) in jobs where adrenaline is privileged over reasoned discussion.

Since there are people who cheer the Clintons on, their adrenaline is high, they will get depressed when it stops so they will go on.

` ` The adrenaline is pumping and it's obviously a huge win for our hockey team to come back in the third period and respond after a disappointing outing in Ottawa. ''

He said he thought there are other things we do, sports and hunting and target practice, and that even getting stuck climbing up the side of the house gives you a certain adrenaline rush.

To say Selig's adrenaline is flowing is putting it mildly.

"Your adrenaline is going," said Johan Santana of the Minnesota Twins, who pitched a perfect inning with two strikeouts.

You've probably heard the expression adrenaline junkies.

` ` The first two times up and down the court, your adrenaline is flowing and you want things to happen so fast.

The adrenaline is not accompanied by the usual fear as Bella closes the distance between her and the men.

But his biggest off-the-mountain adrenaline rush probably came last year when he won about a half-million dollars playing blackjack in Las Vegas and bought himself a house.

Strive to experiment with an off-track activity that will provide an ongoing, longer-term learning experience, not just a short-term adrenaline rush.

"I think in a game like this the adrenaline is going, and it takes a little bit of time to get your rhythm going," Smith said.

They seem to get a kick out of combining street racing and gunfights (I suppose there is a certain adrenaline rush).

When you're out in the ninth inning, your adrenaline is pumping.

Jumping off shit is an adrenaline rush

He started pushing me and shoving me, and I got adrenaline stacked up. The rage and adrenaline led me to beating his ass, and I'm lighter and smaller than he is.

High school kid: Hey, I have both of the Deftones'albums; White Pony and the self-titled. Anyone who is not such an asshead: You stupid little prick; learn to read and use Wikipedia; they have five albums, the first being Adrenaline from '95. I hope your cock gets caught in a combine, assshead.

I got a adrenaline last night.

-I was excited,everybody was screaming the adrenaline was pumping I jumped and caught the rim.. -The fans were jubilant, raucous, their adrenaline running high

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