adrenalin in a sentence

Sentence with the word adrenalin

The adrenalin is rushing through you body and the feeling is just awesome.

Our adrenalin is pumping nicely, and we're engaged and alert.

Without the added adrenalin from the scare the 2 loads of big shot would probably have been plenty for the situation.

There is a certain adrenalin high in performance, in giving paper characters life.

Now that the adrenalin is wearing off, I'm starting to feel the gross no shower thing.

Whenever an organization makes a significant change at the top, as the Flames did this week, there is always that cathartic short-term adrenalin rush in the community - that better days are ahead and maybe even just around the corner.

For example, if a person is in a frightening situation, his adrenal gland sends a hormone called adrenalin into his bloodstream.

It’s a short-term adrenalin boost for their EPS and it can’t be sustained, because they know everyone will leave as soon as they can.

Unlike steroids, which build muscle mass, or the oxygen boosting EPO, amphetamines traditionally offer a short-term adrenalin boost.

The first notes of the album opener 'Wingspread' might recall the adrenalin-fueled introduction to 'Heart of the Sunrise' by YES (check out the mp3 sample on their page here at Prog Archives).

"How exactly it has to be phased out ... and how you balance the risks of withdrawing too quickly and administering too much adrenalin, that is something which will have to be discussed by the finance ministers and the central banks and calibrated as we go along," he said.

Beta blockers now are part of a standard of care for heart failure patients, who have weakened hearts and cannot tolerate much adrenalin, which is released all day long in people as they perform any exertion, even reading an exciting novel.

They lower blood pressure by reducing the effects of catecholamines, the stimulating chemical messengers such as adrenalin, thereby reducing the force and speed of the heartbeat.

All vertebrates -- fish, birds, and reptiles -- respond to stressful situations by secreting the same hormones that we humans do, such as adrenalin ...

All vertebrates -- fish, birds, and reptiles -- respond to stressful situations by secreting the same hormones that we humans do, such as adrenalin ... digg

Question: I know you are not a big fan of exercising during an induction phase I do walk and do light weight lifitng, but could a change in enzyme production necessarily to fascilitate low carb transition for a body cause palpitations due to some kind of adrenalin overproduction?

Hillary's grassroots operation was in place, her people were motivated by a life-and-death kind of adrenalin, and she learned some key lessons from Iowa.

Another hormone is adrenalin which isa lso known as epinephrine.

Another hormone is adrenalin which is also known as epinephrine.

Now, in another Euro quarterfinal against Holland, I got the same kind of adrenalin rush watching Arshavin shred the Dutch defense.

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