adorn in a sentence

Sentence with the word adorn

"Pietre dure," which means "hard stones" in Italian, adorn everything from small vases to giant cabinets.

Although her face and her name adorn its website, there is no apparent reference on the site that she and Mr Lithgow are related.

So, atheists that argue the point of whether jesus was the son of god or not, or whether or not the gospels were or were not written by the people who’s names they adorn is all just entertainment to fill time.

The dimes are just there, begging the question: Do small-denomination coins adorn the streets in socialist countries?

Photographs of ships bearing the pub's name adorn the walls of this street-corner pub run by Paul Hexter and wife Frankie - although it's a competition between the pub and Paul for who is most famous.

MacDowell said the decision to have the Lemmond name adorn what had been known as the Walsh

Sae's thoughts turned immediately to her beau. where the flowers of the same name adorn the gates, she began to act ever so slightly more direct towards him.

The report also takes issue with the way the council's eco-labels adorn fish that have undergone serious declines.

No subtitles adorn this release, but Closed Captioning is available.

I'd like to see LaGrange coach Steve Pardue's name adorn the ring of honor in the near future.

Rights groups say his grip on power has been aided by curbs on democracy and media freedom, and the personality cult built around his father whose portrait and name adorn sidewalks and buildings across Azerbaijan.

"It says adorn, which is I think what I am doing," Bailey said.

His face and name adorn a variety of brand-name items, far beyond the sports.

The latest entry Sommer prowde with Daffadillies dight, Posted Saturday, April 30, 2005—there are no permalinks focuses on the word "dight," which I knew as an archaic word for 'adorn'; I probably once knew, but had forgotten, that it was from Latin dictāre 'to dictate, order.'

I can think of two other words that are used in both the "adorn" sense and the sexual relations sense: deck, trim

There has been talk of removing the superstructure from the main tower of the cathedral and replacing it by a Gothic spire such as adorn the towers that flank the west front of the building, spires that gleam like lacework when standing out sunlit against dark banks of cloud.

Spruces and firs, such as adorn our gardens, cluster in never-ending profusion; and aromatic and unwonted odor pervades the air -- the spicy breath of resinous balsams.

The canto will "adorn" the mind on which it is impressed for a certain time, without leaving any lasting trace upon it.

Thus she spoke most sweetly, looking at me the while with her clear and earnest eyes, that I ever fancied must be such as adorn the shining faces of angels.

Flowing lace curtains and clouds of coloured tarlatan spread half over this room of bamboo walls, while pure white flowers wreathed the mirrors and the many pretty ornaments, such as adorn a European lady's bedroom.

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    • adorned, adornement, adorning, adorns
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    • untidily, satyric, half-bound, laurel-crowned, colonnaded
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