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Horace does not say that he adores Lalage; Tibullus does not adore Delia; nor is even the term adoration to be found in Petronius.

The Count de Beaunoir still continues to be particular, in what he calls his adoration of me; but his tone and style are too romantic to authorize me in any serious remonstrance.

So one network out of all of them has the audacity not to fall in adoration at his feet.

The blind adoration is getting old, he's the leader of the free world, not a rockstar.

O Lord, to kneel in adoration before Yourdivinity incarnate in this world.

That she commands adoration from the right wing whackjobs in your country, speaks volumes about the basic intelligence level of the Limbaugh acolytes and the right wing pro-gun God fearin church goin, health care hatin sector of your population .....

Accounting for her sheer ignorance alone, one could assume the wild adoration from the male Rightards was just a byproduct of their misogyny, except, they actually look up to her for her “smarts”.

Pillars of marble and alabaster support the base, and the tabernacle, also of alabaster, is surmounted by four beautifully carved angels in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Satan is in adoration of the concepts of devotion, love, desire, deed, word and the like.

Ecce lignum crucis: this is the beginning of the parousia of the divine judge, and at the sight of the triumphal banner of redemption, whilst the Church prostrates herself low in adoration, the powers of hell flee away terror-stricken into the abyss.

Almost everyone who is making money online (or trying to) provides some way for their fans to easily throw money at them in adoration or support.

"Biggest problem with a life spent in adoration of classic movies is the fact you'll never get that rocker punch folks received when these things were new."

You're probably aware that adoration is a term for worship reserved to God.

Women throwing themselves at me in adoration, hey, I can deal (I'm listening to the sound of crickets ....)

The reason the pundits fell in love with McCain and missed the fall of McCain is that he is a fixture in their Washington firmament, a beneficiary of their long-term adoration, who gave them great access while he peddled his latest acts, who praised them while they did his bidding, and who now whines and moans about the unfairness of it all.

There I found forty religious, who entertained me that night with fair guest rite, and I left them after seeing among them such diligence in adoration and devotion as

But I feel the need after reading the umpty-millionth profile (this one appearing last week on the front page of USA Today) in which seemingly every exhalation of his name was accompanied by angels singing hosannas and sighs of adoration from a congregation of Democrats looking to him for political salvation.

Obj. 2: Further, the word adoration is taken from _oratio_ (prayer).

In our judgment, the first feeling would be an emotion of profound veneration, or perhaps the word adoration would more strongly indicate the state of the mind, absorbed in the contemplation of a Being so august, so powerful, and so immense.

After a multi-week slump, Brothers & Sisters delivered an episode last night that justified my long-term adoration of the Walker clan and their wacky-melodramatic shenanigans.

I am full of adoration for him!

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