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This is what I hope happens: Dunder-Mifflin adopts a new “work/life balance” initiative and allows Pam to work from home so we get to see her and the baby.

The solution he adopts is much like that of the late Stephen Jay Gould in his Rocks of Ages, namely that we must see religion as a support for morality and social well-being rather than a system that legitimately makes claims about objective reality.

Socialism is a system which one adopts from the outside, like all political or socio religious philosophies.

The Satanic Chapel adopts from the Universal Life Church but are a seperate entity from them, we are Satanic in nature and were also the first to coin the phrase “Processive Satanism”.

Sadly, if Sarah Palin adopts McCain's views on the equal pay act, she pretty much would be saying exactly that.

On the other hand, New Hampshire and abortion opponents lose to the extent that the new rule the Court adopts is not exactly identical to an as-applied challenge.

In the chapter that follows Elton's proposal, Emma searches for other analytical tools to supplement her analysis of Elton's actions, and the critical approach that she ultimately adopts is the one previously recommended to her by Knightleyclass:

The Mantis curls her belly; lifts her wings like vertical sails; opens her saw-toothed arm-pieces; in short, adopts the spectral attitude which she employs when delivering battle.

Mr. Gladstone adopts from a German writer a view which is certainly not new to many in England, that "the Reformation, as a religious movement, took its shape in England, not in the sixteenth century but in the seventeenth."

St. Martin adopts this view, and finds or extorts support for it, from

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