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Your safest bet in adopting is to go to a recognized agency with an established reputation for ethical behavior.

He also said he wasn't counting on support from the health-care industry, which he characterized as adopting a "hang-me last strategy."

Some candidates are clearly more agile than others in adopting new ways of doing things.

The surge in adopting a primary identification as “Iraqi” among Iraqi Arabs is very interesting and it seems plausible to speculate that this played a role in the declining level of sectarian violence starting in the latter half of 2007.

The corporate blog figure is about what I would expect for AEC organisations – which have historically tended to lag behind other industry sectors in adopting Web 2.0 tools and techniques as part of their communication mix.

I very much doubt Wales would take quite as long as Ireland did in adopting a sensible fiscal policy.

He visits the Amish for lessons in adopting technology.

And I guess I am suggesting that it was their motive in adopting the new rule (can you think of another one?), although I have no idea and have never associated with the BSA.

Are you suggesting that was their motive in adopting the newrule?

“Your belief that there is nothing more doctors could be doing to cajole, convince and aid their patients in adopting healthier habits is ridiculous”

Your belief that there is nothing more doctors could be doing to cajole, convince and aid their patients in adopting healthier habits is ridiculous, not to mention contrary to evidence (see above about inducements to doctors in the UK).

It was in adopting a barely adequate (if that) proposal as his staring position rather than starting with a much stronger bill and letting it get compromised down to something that would still be sufficient to do the job.

Of course, I am sympathetic with the view that China – or any other country for that matter – should be cautious in adopting, uncritically, educational practices imported from other contexts.

Writers themselves assert their aesthetic alliances in adopting or accepting labels like New Weird.

Ralph Zacklin, the British-born UN assistant secretary general for legal affairs at the time, has told the inquiry that the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, failed to strike a proper balance "between the underlying political concerns of the government and respect for the rule of law" in adopting the view that a fresh UN security council resolution was not needed.

[45] [Principal Edwards explains the phrase adopting the A.V., as

We know that the only way to peacefully achieve this is to avoid a temptation to be fooled to the notion of adopting a stance that would see us flex our muscles and revere our strengths against our neighbours and fellow African States, as if to position ourselves as a messenger of those who would want to use us in a disguised and false sense of being a special super-power in Africa.

I understand that the idea of adopting vegetarianism as a way to move toward world peace will be met with protest among some meat-eaters; none of us wants to consider that perhaps our most basic of practices are not in keeping with our values or ethics.

Senator McCain has the belief, which I think, in their hearts most Americans, when push comes to shove, also believe the idea of adopting the Canadian system, when Canadians come to our country for health care, is not a very good one.

Why can't one consider the idea of adopting or better yet to undergo the same risk Birnhaum did to have a baby?

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