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Sentence with the word admitting

Here's a contest we should start: Which will occur first, McCain admitting he has recurrence of melanoma, Laura divorcing Dubya, or Palin being arrested on corruption charges?

Armstrong was also candid in admitting as much in his interview with Kara Swisher.

Many have been quoted in admitting that they will only show interest in a submission which is more than

Theres no shame either in admitting you want fame and fortune.

Usually that * title* is drawn from Genre Fiction and usually inferred as if there was something wicked or wrong in admitting to reading it.

Nonetheless, why be shy in admitting that this successful action will almost certainly improve the economies of most of the world?

There I was fair and balanced in admitting that conservatives ARE better than liberals at some things …

Your premise is flawed from the get-go, and your meager credibility, while somewhat bolstered by your honesty in admitting your belief that conservatives are incapable of committing treason, was at the same time decimated by the profound stupidity of the claim.

What the Republicans commenters here are not admitting is that it was a breach of House Rules.

You know, there is no shame at all in admitting that your wife and son are better at some things than you are.

This passage is if nothing else refreshingly honest in admitting that those engaged in academic literary study really aren't much interested in literature anymore.

I also admire his honesty in admitting that the subject of literary ambition, or more specifically, literary quality, is a hot-button topic, particularly in the world of genre writing.

I applaud Mr. Obama for his candour and honesty in admitting his addiction to tobacco, and even more for his trying so hard, doing the hardest job in the world, to stop smoking.

She is showing real strength, in admitting that she is not sure whether she will remain with her husband who is obviously in love with another woman.

I do think the grade differential between engineers and pre-law majors was considered in admitting me, it had to have been.

Today's Tom Sawyer says: stevethepatentguy: Cassandra, I do think the grade differential between engineers and pre-law majors was considered in admitting me, it had to have been.

Marc Ambinder has been clumsy about it, but he's also been pretty much all alone in admitting that maybe the Press Corps could have done a better job.

What Buck's supporters are not admitting is that a US Senate seat is for six years, and a great deal can happen in even a year.

Harriet Harman has joined Jacqui Smith in admitting that she does not feel safe to walk the streets alone at night.

I suppose I've made some personal progress in admitting openly that I am depressive, which is to say I have not been formally diagnosed as such, but I suspect I could be.

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    • susceptible, incapable, capable
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    • admitted, admitting
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