admit in a sentence

Sentence with the word admit

Because we admit things to be true which are not true, we _admit_, then _commit_ sin, and hence suffer for sin.

And I do assure you, Jim, that you couldn't have married me _validly_ from here -- and think how awful it would be, to love as much as we love and then find out that we were not _validly_ married -- and when you come to my home, and fetch me away from there, you will admit -- yes really _admit_ -- that I was right.

What the GOP won't admit is the the Lt. Governor is even worse, in their humble opinion: more moral but less stable ... why can't the GOP find good candidates????

Jacob, I have to admit, is cute just not as hot as Edward.

The question why legal pleadings, laws, and contracts are structured more like magical charms than we would like to admit is an interesting one and I have a working theory though much more work is needed to properly trace it.

That has hardly been studied at all, and I admit is a bit of topic.

Tod Thank you for the critique on my writing skills or lack of them, which I shamefully admit is a weak point, I have to admit to being more interested in substance over presentation, but the fact that you have responded to my critique of you, leads me to believe that you understand my poor grammar just fine.

This, I regretfully, admit, is what happened with Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread.

The CIA has earlier been described as "wearing body armor in headquarters ... which should tell you all you need to know" while the military contractor dudes, "Black Forest" (get it, get it?) have been described as "assassins in polo shirts," which I must admit is a nice touch.

But what she absolutely refuses to admit is the fact that none of us WANTS to be a hack.

What it does not admit is that the British government is almost alone in pushing the EU to ensure that the age when fingerprinting can start is so low.

Every night Hannity has on guests who disagree with him, e.g. Bill Beckle, who I have to admit is quite good.

And despite disclaimers explaining the relationship between fact and artistic license that precedes so may of these films, I still feel them to be a kind of lower-case crime against humanity ... which I'll admit is narrow-minded, but a disclaimer about artistic license doesn't negate the memory of a film, once viewed.

This last part brings up the elephant that few undergraduates admit is in the room: students feel entitled to receiving an end-of-term cash stimulus in the form of returning their textbooks.

And we should make damn sure they know we won't sit around and watch while they drag kids too young to really remember how they felt on September 11, 2001, into a war that we're too proud to admit is a failure.

The four big networks — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — dwell in what most admit is an antiquated system.

I just can't picture anyone I know (which I admit is not a lot ...) as him.

Much the same way that zombies are in danger of becoming clowns, vampires are the daemon lover no one really wants to admit is a demon.

But then, I think of the so-called "Octo-mom" (who, I'll admit is an outlier) and the effect that her choice to have 14 children will have on her, her children, and the California economy (since she's on welfare ... correct me if I'm wrong).

This confusion of terms has served leftists well over the years and I will admit is a brilliant political ruse.

Guy 1: You're an asshole. Guy 2: Oh yeah, you caught me out there. (Guy 2 admits he is an asshole)

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