admires in a sentence

Sentence with the word admires

Michael Joshua Rowin admires the unassuming beauty of Old Joy.

It is perfectly clear that Mark Twain admires this disgusting scoundrel.

The only thing humanity really admires is obstinacy.

The taste of the citizen and of the mere peasant are in all respects the same: the former gilds his balls, paints his stonework and statues white, plants his trees in lines or circles, cuts his yew-trees, four-square or conic, or gives them what he can of the resemblance of birds or bears or men; squirts up his rivulets in _jets d'eau_; in short, admires no part of nature but her ductility; exhibits everything that is glaring, that implies expense, or that effects a surprise because it is unnatural.

In his review of Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City, Hari Kunzru maintains that what separates this novel from the postmodern novels Lethem clearly admires is that "it’s too good-humored to attain real satiric bite and is often content to drop a name instead of wrestling with the slippery ideas that might make Lethem’s heroes worthy of a true fan’s regard."

On Marc Canter’s blog I just read that a software company that he admires is shipping “commercial grade” BitTorrent.

He adds that he "admires" pimps, for their "focus, single-mindedness, control and will power," but that "the business has become a bit sullied now."

I would love to find someone who 'admires' palin, and study them like lab rat, to find out what is wrong with them.

Unless you meant 'admires' .... cause then that would make sense.

The young and very diminutive Danny Siegel -- he's Jane's cousin, and he's played by a fellow that I could swear was one of the would-be super-villain "Nerds of Doom" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- has a hilarious portfolio consisting of other people's work that he "admires" and precisely one, very hackneyed, idea, executed ad (so to speak) infinitum.

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