admire in a sentence

Sentence with the word admire

[1] I admire the _first_ sincerely, and in turn call upon you to _admire_ the following on Anacreon Moore's new operatic farce, [2] or farcical opera -- call it which you will:

In the field of fiction the book I most admire is The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald.

The metamorphous stage of turning an idea into something people can appreciate and admire is truly an art form.

Senator John and Cindy McCain admire Freight Train, the big boar contest winner, at the Iowa State Fair.

Every single American you love and admire is an immigrant or the child of immigrants.

Another storyteller in the SF and fantasy realm whom I really admire is Orson Scott Card -- both for the Ender and the Seventh Son series.

Christy of From the Mountain Top to the Valley Floor, a mom/blogger I greatly admire, is facing a transition in her life and with it floods back a lot of raw emotion for her beautiful son, Elias and their months on the NICU roller coaster.

And then ... * boom* something I desperately needed to hear from someone I respect and admire, is His answer to me.

Pari's suggestion of posting reviews on Amazon and B&N for authors you admire is a great idea - and she's right - just don't do them on a wholesale basis else you'll appear to be merely promoting yourself.

To have someone in the family to look up to and admire is good.

The dogged determination and _staying on message, _ that some so admire, is self-righteous and very dangerous.

David Cole of Georgetown Law School, a smart guy whose work I very much admire, is saying that the program is “exactly what we had during World War II with Japanese Americans.

About all you will see to admire is the park-lot home, Moss Park, an opulent classical residence standing above Queen near George, which belongs to William Allen, the President of the Bank of Upper Canada and Toronto's richest capitalist.

The one thing I admire is their success with the problem of a multi-racial society.

This week, I learned to respect and admire the Italian words "Con Brio" direct the performer to play the composition with vigor.

See, Barack is great for America’s image, and with him at the helm, the international community will once again admire and look up to the US.

The bit I really admire is that when you check, “Play higher-rated songs more often,” iTunes seems to interpret that as, “Play the same songs over and over again until I’m sick of them.”

I present a less-than-ideal profile for a prosecutor’s juror: I’ve been arrested three times for all sorts of fun stuff, one of the people I least admire is Karl Rove, and I’m a self-professed “liberal” (whatever that means).

The eccentric supporting cast were impeccably chosen THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS' Iain Quarrier, THE GREAT ROCK & ROLL SWINDLE's Irene Handl, FAHRENHEIT 451's Bee Duffel all good fun to see in ensemble and the film itself is imaginatively designed and gives us a lot of Jane Birkin in her prime to admire, which is a good thing.

So it was not long before he learned much about old Newton Hallowell -- and began to admire him -- and with a man of Norman's temperament to admire is to like.

Dood I just got admired. He said I wasn't as cute as Ashton.

i admire him for his compassion for animals.

Admire? I thought that WAS his first name.

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