administer in a sentence

Sentence with the word administer

Some of his relations died and left a lot of money, so folks tell, and George is what they call administer of the estate.

Augustana's 2006 NSSE scores for student-faculty interaction were below the average benchmark for first-year students attending similar institutions, but Abernathy hopes that the needle will move next year, when the campus will again administer the survey.

Polly's health, and that I look to her to help me get settled without overstrain to my wife -- in short, administer a dose of duty, and she may see her way to coming.

And I think, as parents, one of the things that we have to administer is tough love.

Furthermore, we need a tax system which is not difficult to comply with or administer, which is regarded as fair, and which limits opportunities to divert income and reduce tax liabilities.

If half-baked political theories and weaving a movement from nothing inspire people to seek to administer, that is fine ... but we are not looking for a guru.

Turned down the ultimatum from "The Anglican Communion" that a committee of bishops from abroad must come to the U.S. and "administer" on behalf of the anti-gay conservatives.

Doctors' ethics prohibit them from taking part in an execution, so the prison must ask one of its employees to mix up the drugs, and then "administer" them.

I have not taught enough to be any kind of administer in education and for the record, have absolutely no interest in ever becoming administer, but I have taught more than the current Secretary of Education.

CASAREZ: ... that the doctor administered a powerful drug, what does that, as a buzzword, "administer," say to you?

The names, where they will be stationed and how they plan to "administer" the various areas until elections can be held were all discussed in some detail.

In the same assemblies are also chosen their chiefs or rulers, such as administer justice in their villages and boroughs.

That such as administer the word and sacraments ought to be duly called and ordained thereunto; 3.

The banks just "administer" the mortgage, collecting the payments and passing them on to the investors.

They need to pay people to "administer" the programs.

The letter is written in response to reports of laity and certain deacons within the clergy who 'administer' the 'oil of gladness', at 'healing services'.

"administer"; I had never in my life taken public part in anything that made me noticeable in any way among strangers, and still I can recall the feeling of deadly sickness that well nigh overcame me, as rising to go out I felt that every eye in the church was on me, and that my exit would be the cause of unending comment.

"administer" the oath, and at the end of this business he signaled his satisfaction with

And it provides the President with counsel on a range of issues from a seasoned public official who is not distracted by having to administer an agency of his own.

I stood next to him as he asked a doctor to administer drugs to end his life.

i.e When Jennifer's boss Paul fails to administer himself his ADHD meds..... he drives her CRAZY !

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