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Sentence with the word adj

GHOSTWRITERED: adj, meaning to employ someone to turn your gibberish into lame prose.

From The Wingspeak Dictionary, 2010 edition: far left-wing. adj.

An eighth century game played by Mongol invaders using sticks and skulls adj. wharrgarbled

Mad (adj.) - Afflicted with a high degree of intellectual independence.

From the latin, past participle of Figere [fix], clavar [nail], fijar [locate in place] 1.adj. desus.

From the Diccionario del español usual en México: rápido 1 adj y adv Que dura o tarda poco tiempo, que se mueve, actúa o se realiza con gran velocidad: movimiento rápido, un viaje rápido, un caballo rápido, una atleta rápida, correr rápido, hablar muy rápido, ser rápido para multiplicar

If Brazil can produce ethanol for $42 a barrel ($. 73x42 gallons a bbl/.73 energy adj), will they export it or keep the ethanol for the home market until they don't need to import oil.

Grateful for the opportunity to swing past, hold the door for them, go up to my office and do the work I can to make their profs 'jobs easier. lim-i-nal ˈli-mə-nəl (adj) Latin limin -, limen threshold 1: of or relating to a sensory threshold 2: barely perceptible 3: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition

June 30, 2009 at 07: 06 PM im*per*i*al: (adj.) beer style featuring high gravity and strong hops?

Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. pressé (preh-say) adj & past participle (presser) : hurried; urgent être pressé de partir = to be in a hurry to leave c'est pressé?

Mouth Breather Adj: - derogative term - Someone of a lower (or no) class – Usually found in large packs in city centres – can be of any age (although motherhood stats at 14) – standard attire – Tracksuit bottoms – fake Burberry caps – jewellery from Elisabeth Duke of Argos. Derived from the fact they breathe through there mouths.

oops my urban dictonary definition says adj instead of hard bracket n hard braket

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